The Hard Reality and a Difficult Truth

​ by Tolec, Andromeda, Galactic Council
 Tuesday, August 21, 2012
I always do my best to provide informative Andromeda Council news reports, or updates, that are insightful, exact, concise & detailed. This is the first news report that has its own dedicated web page. I believe the below information will be highly valuable to you because it directly relates to the 
current clean-up process of what Earth people many times mistakenly believe to be the human ‘bad guys’ of ‘Cabal’/‘Illuminati power structure.  Why did I say “mistakenly believe” in reference to these beings?  Because a great many of them are not human.  The hard reality and a difficult truth is... they are in fact...  Reptilian.  So please, read on.

The final clean-up of the Reptilian controlled & operated ‘Cabal’; and ‘Illuminati’ family, dark, DEEP STATE controllers.
As of recently, today, and into the foreseeable future until the job is finished, I want you to know there are coordinated teams of very sensitive, highly trained & highly efficient people, off planet people, 3D extraterrestrials and 4D & 5D interdimensionals, from aligned benevolent, ‘the good guys’, star systems of the Andromeda Council including:  Antares, Procyon, Tau Ceti, Vega, and others, that are quietly working together to take out and remove as fast as possible –

all remaining Reptilians, especially those fake, imposter, &/or cloned hybrid human looking, human appearing Reptilians –

that operate, direct & control all levels of the ‘Cabal’ & ‘Illuminati’, including the upper level leadership, that have been and are today controlling so many aspects of our global society… as I describe in the lower section of this paper called, “The complete infiltration, infestation, corruption & control of our global society”.

Why are benevolent extraterrestrial & interdimensional people able to step in and help remove Reptilians, this pervasive, hostile menace to Earth humans?  

There are many reasons.  These are the same reasons that it was right for the people of Procyon to take out & destroy the various Draco & Hydra Reptilian underground & undersea bases.  

First of all, Reptilians, though they erroneously believe it to be true, they are not the “… rightful masters of this planet & this universe.” They do not own us.  We are not supposed to be their slaves, we are not supposed to be their chattel;  and we are not cattle, even though they treat us as such.  We are a sentient, thinking, intelligent species… with a heart, soul & spiritual essence at our core.  We are great beings of light.  This is who we are.   And Earth is our planet.

Further, the best reason that what people correctly believe to be a Universal law, a “Prime Directive”, that governs the extent to which a more advanced extraterrestrial &/or interdimensional race cannot directly intervene in the affairs of the people of a developing world… it does not apply to this situation on Earth because many years ago Reptilians came to this planet, were inappropriately worshiped as “gods”, and changed the course of our natural development.  They still dominate and control us today.  And yet, this is not their planet.

One of the worst parts of this experience for us is that it’s so pervasive, and so subversive, 99% of the time we don’t even know who these controllers are that operate in the ‘dark’ creating more & more negative circumstances, scenarios and laws to restrict and control our lives, which continue to severely reduce our inherent sovereign freedoms… down to nothing.  This is absolutely wrong.  And it must stop.

Well, they are not “gods”. They are life forms that simply happen to vibrate at a higher dimensional frequency, though it is the lower end of the 4th dimension or density.  This is not their planet.  And they certainly do not have our best interests at heart.  

These evil Reptilians, by their own choosing, have had their way with the people of Earth, treating Earth humans as a slave race & natural resource, long enough.  And enough is enough.  It is time they leave our planet for good –

so that we humans of Earth can reestablish our inherent sovereignty as global citizens, develop new systems of living & thriving that are truly good for us, utilize clean new technologies that already exist, so that we can eliminate hunger, poverty & famine; and so that we can prepare and more easily experience the transition & transformation of this planet… into becoming a higher dimensional world.

Again, their time has come.  The clean-up of these Reptilians is on-going, right now, with the writing of this article.  And it will continue until they and their negative control and influence is removed from this planet. 

We of Earth, the true global sovereign citizens of this planet, have a right to exist on our world… as free sovereign people.  Not to be enslaved by
a race of beings who would use us as economic slaves, & consume us as a natural resource.  No longer.  This is our planet.  It is time for them to go.  And go they shall.

I recently received the below comment from a young man in Hungary.  He said to me and I want to share it with all of you, 

"... I want change, I want a liberated world, I want truth.  There is no price I wouldn't give.  Even the highest of price.  With all my love and respect to every nation, and every family member outside of Earth, thank you."
note:  For those people who are new, or novices, to the overall topic of "Reptilians", who these Reptilians are, how they got into top positions of power & leadership on planet Earth;  please be sure to read the below section called:   "What is a Reptilian."

Background information, focusing on the Reptilian side of the ‘Cabal’/DEEP STATE, and "Illuminati" family, power structure.
For those of you following & paying attention to all of the Draco & Hydra Reptilian underground & undersea bases around planet Earth that have been taken out &/or destroyed by members of the Andromeda Council, resulting in the removal of tens of thousands of Reptilians, soldiers and workers of various types, from their underground facilities & undersea bases, from the planet Earth, including the late March 2012 taking, clearing out & clean-up of the final Reptilian undersea base whereby 2,000+ of the highest ranking Reptilian ‘Cabal’ / ‘Illuminati officials & their military officers, including many of whom we would consider to be their generals; 

these Reptilian beings were removed by the people of the Procyon star system of the Andromeda Council, and sent to the primary Andromeda Council biosphere for trial in a War Crimes Tribunal for their crimes against humanity.  The actions of the Procyon people in doing this resulted in, to the greatest degree, the ‘cutting off of the head of the snake’, the ‘directorate’, the bosses & masters if you will of the total overall Reptilian ‘Cabal’ / ‘Illuminati power structure. Yes, Reptilian controlled power structure… over the people of Earth.

To learn the details of some of the many bases the Andromeda Council has taken out, you can find these news reports on the “Archived Interviews” page of the Andromeda Council web site:

What should also be especially insightful is the news story & report titled: “Reptilian Agenda - Milky Way Galaxy Catastrophe, Year 2370” - the web link of which is: -  which details the overall goal of these specific malevolent Reptilian races, which also includes those from Orion & Sirius B, to completely take over all human inhabited planets in the Milky Way galaxy, not only Earth, but all human inhabited planets – and to ‘Reptilianize’ these planets. 

The complete infiltration, infestation, corruption, abuse & control of our global society.
It may, or may not, come as a surprise to you that there is complete infiltration & infestation, and therefore total control & corruption at the top tier of Earth’s global society, citizenry & institutions, directing & controlling everything below, at the top tiers of governments, military & intelligence, industries & business, especially:  oil {gasoline & all petroleum derived fuel products}, energy/electricity/power, gold, ‘money’ {continuous creation of debt - fiat currency based on fractional reserve banking, capital markets, central banks… all aspects of banking, the various stock & commodities trading markets, etc.},  water,  transportation,  defense [contractors],  news, entertainment {movies, television, video games},  healthcare,   pharmaceuticals,  crop & food production…  and the list goes on; 

Whereby certain leaders at the highest levels of all of these areas of our global society, of all of these institutions – people who look or appear to be human, are not.  Again, they are in fact – Reptilian

[note:  The above material in this specific section regarding - 'The complete infiltration...society'  - is only meant to be a summary.  David Icke has done a great job for years covering the exhaustive many details, and layers of details,  of  exactly  who,  what,  when, where & how the infiltration, infestation & control of our global society by these Reptilian beings has happened.  You may want to read some of his books.]

How this all started… how Reptilians came into power.
At minimum, thousands of years ago, these Draco, Hydra, Orion and Sirius B Reptilians initially came to Earth and were worshipped as “gods”.  They took control at the highest levels of human society, initiated and developed many institutions… to control & enslave Earth humans.  There are many visual examples and records of these past Reptilians influencing many cultures, one of which is the Maya.  Further, Reptilians control & enslave Earth humans today, at your continued peril and suffering, in virtually every aspect of your lives.

The Draco & Hydra Reptilians that have been on Earth have lived predominantly in underground & undersea bases.  The Orion & Sirius B Reptilians, these are ones that Earth people are likely to have briefly seen, and mistaken as humans, but with whom most people have only had limited daily interaction.  And yet they are pervasive in all aspects of our society.

What is a Reptilian?
[they include those beings from:  Draco, Hydra, Sirius B & Orion]

Now, please understand, in their natural state, these Reptilians are lower vibrational, 4th dimensional beings. They are of spirit, of fine essence matter, as compared to being organic with skin, muscles, tendons, blood & bones like Earth humans.  Like any other higher vibratory dimensional life form, these Reptilians have natural abilities that allow them to be able to form and manifest, to create - a physical 3D organic body.  So therefore understand, their mental, their psychic power is extraordinary, off the charts, based on what people of Earth would understand at this time.

But something happens to these Reptilians that people call “shape shifting”.  If by chance you happen to watch a seemingly human person who is “shape shifting”, changing form in front of your eyes, from human to a Reptilian and back to a human again, when this happens what you are seeing is the following:

a 4th dimensional Reptilian using its 4D natural abilities, manifesting/creating a 3D physical Reptilian body... and projecting a human holographic image… over its 3rd dimensional manifested physical Reptilian body.  It is a holographic projection.  And, it takes energy on the part of a Reptilian to hold this human projected form.  With regard to "shape shifting", what you are watching is its momentary drop in energy.

And, worse yet, when a 4th dimensional Reptilian steps down their vibration to manifest a 3rd dimensional organic body - their natural, original 3D form from millennia ago begins to manifest its most natural urges. An example: think of a vicious meat-eating dinosaur of Earth times past.  Their sense of smell & taste are extraordinarily strong, same things with these Reptilians.  And, when in the process of creating fear in humans which Reptilians have done on a perpetual basis, or creating fear in any mammalian being, a natural enzyme the human body creates & releases when it goes into a state of fear… this enzyme enhanced blood is like a drug that literally gives these Reptilians an enormous ‘high’.  Ergo the use of alleged ‘satanic’ rituals you may have heard about.  These rituals have been simply used as the best possible way to terrorize people… to have their bodies generate & release this enzyme… which creates a drug like 'high' effect of fear-enhanced blood for Reptilians, whenever they are in a 3D organic form and they feed & ingest it. No more, no less.  Almost unbelievable.  But yes, it's real.  And yes, it’s sick.

There are also telltale signs about these beings that occasionally give them away including the look & shape of what should be a human eyeball… specifically the iris and pupil… that often times literally looks Reptilian, because it is. 

Also know that Reptilians are known throughout the universe as master geneticists. Over millennia, they have literally genetically created ‘new’ races of beings from blending their original organic Reptilian DNA, with conquered races of other people, including human(oids) from various planets.

When Reptilians create these hybrid beings, these hybrid organic 3D people have intelligence, but likely no soul or spiritual essence. Many of them are not created through procreation and are not born in the normal birth process;  but are rather typically created in a lab, in a petri dish, they are then ‘grown’ over a period of time in a nutrient solution, and become fully formed blended reptilian/human(oid) beings at ‘birth’.

Reptilian geneticists, using technology, then download specific information into their hybrid brains over & over again to keep these hybrid workers productive.  This is why they are blended reptilian/human(oid) hybrids, but not Earth humans.

About this section on Reptilians, whether they are 4th dimensional Reptilians, projecting a human holographic form, or like the above, are 3D organic ‘blended’ beings of mixed races - they are Reptilians… that look human.  Not necessarily Earth human, but they look human.  However, make no mistake, they are still - Reptilians.

And these four (4) Reptilian races, Draco, Hydra, Orion & Sirius B, they are typically very intelligent, and have chosen to be:  ruthless, self-centered, self-serving, vicious, arrogant, mean, and have no ethics or morals at all.  They  will  kill  without  a  moments  notice. Everything they do, all of the decisions & actions they have made & taken over thousands of years on our planet Earth… is to their benefit, to support their species and goals.  No other reasons.  None.

Reptilians - domination of Earth’s human populace.   
Their goal is and always has been:  domination, enslavement & control.  Directing, abusing, managing and controlling the Earth human race to
best serve them, with us as a slave race;  and, as a natural resource for them, consuming us, in physical form, drinking the literal blood, adreno-
chrome, of abused & terrorized & sexualized women and children;  and when they are in 4D form, consuming the residual, what is known as 
"loosh energy".  In both forms, it is a highly addictive drug.  Consuming both... NEVER satisfies their drug need.

How have they instituted this domination & control?  By basing the totality of Earth people’s lives around:  economics, money, earning a living.  Think of your monthly mortgage, or rent, & utilities.  This is absolutely a system of enslavement.  This is just one method of control.

How else have they instituted this control?  Infiltration and abuse of power at the highest levels of governments & the military.   What emotional ‘lever’ have they used to institute this control?   Fear. 

Fear through the media news outlets promoting the idea of starting, or considering to start, a war, or better for them, multiple wars;

Fear through the starting of wars, large & small across this planet, killing innocent people;

Fear through initiating & promoting through the media news outlets the idea of possible “false flag” terrorism events;

Fear through actually instigating and/or producing “false flag” events that kill hundreds or thousands of people, and worse;

further enhancing that fear by creating & ‘passing’ laws which restrict individual human sovereign rights & freedoms;  

perpetually instilling fear in people by beaming highly agitating, low energy electronic & sonic frequencies to a variety of locations & populations around the planet… that is until the Procyon people of the Andromeda Council destroyed their Reptilian undersea bases & frequency transmitter beacons;  and the list goes on and pervades almost every aspect of our society.

It is time to end this global fear based control and influence of foreign entities...  on the human beings of this planet, our planet, Earth.
It is time for us to be free once more.
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