A Few Thoughts on a Spiritual Practise
by Nick in the UK

In these times of increasing instability on the one hand yet also of its opposite of increasing stability as the world of 3D is overturned and the new dispensation of mid level 4D takes over -  it is vital we remain in contact and turn all our attention to Source or as the  Native Americans say, Wakan Tanka.  I find their wisdom and sanctification of nature to be the greatest inspiration for my life right now.
My own meditation these days is to indeed, focus my attention and intent on Source, this for me is the most calming and centering practice I know of, though it does take a while to get past the blockages in ones mind and on an emotional level.  We are still 3D creatures after all.

And of great value, is the power , and stability, on all levels of our being, that is by being within a group of like minded and spiritually evolved people. This is the greatest gift the universe has given me so far.  I speak of our facebook group here.  So many are like minded individuals, each a student of the Andromedan teachings, like yourself, all thinking in close harmony with each others thoughts and insights.

Yes, for me the meditation to cap all meditations is to focus on Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit, Source, using all the powers of ones intent and attention, and imagination.  It is by far the most potent way of centering the mind in the days ahead, and I thoroughly recommend it to everyone.    It must however be done in a spirit of true humility, of resignation to the way of the Universe and with a heart filled with love and understanding.  Again the benefits of this simple practice in the days ahead are too great to enumerate here. They must be experienced instead. 

Again, best wishes and wodakote,


"Preparing" - A Multi Perspective Analysis of Current Celestial & ET Happenings.
November 8, 2013

​So apparently you, and Alex Collier may be the first people to actually have been serious, and truthful, in saying Aliens are coming, and they mean peace.

So I went around researching this comet, or in your words, a biosphere.  I also looked into the Annuaki, Inua, Hydra,and Draconian, or in most people's words, Dragon reptilians.

So here's what added to your credibility. Ison to some astronomers may be a REALLY small planet sized object. So that adds credibility to your case considering it's about...eh half the diameter of Pluto.  Considering the Andromedans are able to an extent "spawn" materials, resources wouldn't be a problem, the problem would be physically putting the materials together.

Then I looked at this 3 hour movie cut into 22 parts about how Reptilian influence in our society is HUGE. It also brings about the possibility that there may be another sentient Reptilian species living underground and if the hollow Earth theory is true, it may explain these mythical places, and a few strange pictures that show a massive hole in the poles, for whatever reason.


Next is that Ison has been discovered to be releasing a jet forward, which according to I suppose astronomers, is supposed to not happen, because it would've not reached here at such a velocity if from the entire time it was discovered it was releasing a very gentle jet forward. Could it be the biosphere correcting it's course to go in orbit around Earth?  We'll find out maybe.

As well as your predictions that there may be some natural disasters popping around at an unusual rate seems to be happening, China is especially prone at this time apparently.

Now the brown dwarf, supposedly 2 objects were caught that is suspected to be coming towards us, a "black sun" or brown dwarf, and a possible planet.  Should that be true, then I only ask, WHAT THE HELL?   Why are they doing this, did we have a say?   Isn't this our solar system at least?

Then I found somewhere I think on humansarefree.com where a man says he works in the Navy, and it's the military with real power, and they've created a triangular craft with 3 vents for thrust, one in the back, 2 on the sides.  And an anti-gravity system.  According to him, in 80 minutes from the moment they pack up equipment, to the actual flight itself, they can reach Elenin, which he claims is broadcasting signals, maybe you can shed light on Elenin?

So that's what I found so far, if this comes true, in 1-2 1/2 months we'll be truly free I guess.  Only problem then is figuring out new technology and trading with whoever wants to trade.

By the way, can you tell me about the Annuaki, are they friendly?  I keep hearing they really, really hate the Draconians in particular, that they won't hesitate with killing them all


by Josh,
October 30, 2013


I'd like to share with you what I learned [in] a recording of myself, afterwards, after a [recent] past life regression.

In my opinion the words that were shared could be something people can benefit from when the potentially very difficult times come. You saw the 2nd video from "secureteam10" and what the powers that be are preparing for.  People are going to be very mad when perhaps a global leader says something along the lines of,  "We did not tell the people of the world because the public was not ready for this kind of information - it would have been fear and mass panic... we're all in this together... we're moving forward."

I feel it's very important people understand the following so people will know what to do and how to handle the large stresses that are potentially coming.

The following statements are directly from my past life regression from a higher state of mind.

I said:

"It will be of great importance for people in the coming difficult times to not pay attention to the potential chatter, fear, and chaos around them.  Such actions will only burden one's own inner peace.  It is of great importance to go deep within one's self at this potentially very difficult time in the near future, in order to radiate and exude incredible amounts of calm and inner peace.  Which will then greatly benefit everyone who comes in contact with these beautiful and calm people.


...Those who do this, will naturally become leaders with a strong voice of calm and reason for their families & communities. After these potentially very difficult times are finished, when the dust finally settles, know that we will awaken to a colossal new world with our new friends - with our brothers and sisters from the stars."

​Have been sharing different messages like that to random people & friends for months now, it's tough and bad enough that I've never really fit in on this planet, but I feel we have a colossal new world that is coming.  I feel compelled to help and support the AC and the people of this planet, in any way I can, in this moment in our planet's history."

Age 21

by Jay
Wednesday, November 14, 2012

" Tolec,

When I woke up to all of this last year I thought, wow, that's forever from now.  This past year has gone by so quickly it literally feels like "time" is speeding up.  I am ecstatic that we are finally going to see, feel, and experience this great beginning in just over a month.   I feel as if I can at last see a light emerging at the end of the tunnel.

A year to me now seems like nothing, in fact I'm sure it will go by even quicker than 2012.   Thanks  for  putting  out  what's  going  to happen on December 21, 2012 in a simple to understand manner.   The pictures on the video are beautiful as well. 

People should know we can find love in all of our differences.  These differences should be celebrated.   Yes, we are diverse.   We are also powerful beings of light and the time has come for us to embrace this.

When that special day in January [2014] arrives I will finally know.  These are intense moments of true love for creation, these moments are much more intense and meaningful than any moment of hate.

Love really is the most powerful energy in the universe.  Love is what brought incredible beings from the galaxy next door to help free us, love for all that is Creation, love for life, to preserve life and the beauty it emanates, to keep life free or to restore its freedom.f

These decisions are based on love for other beings (us), because as I said before we are all infinite expressions of Source.  They  value the existence of life simply because we are all connected. 

Peace to you, peace to your loved ones, peace to this beautiful new Earth, peace to humanity.

___of Earth "
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by Viedoklis_lv.
Tuesday, November 6, 2012


As I understand, Andromeda Council representatives open visit on planet Earth can happen as [an] event only then when their presence can be reasonable and can't be manipulated by still ongoing influence by the Cabal. If Andromeda Council would appear today - than Cabal would activate media lies propaganda in such way that people would react in completely unreasonable and unproductive - just like Cabal wants it. So I guess this event or should I say card - can be played out only when it's best time for it.

Like every apple must ripe before it falls down from the tree. If you take it by force while it's underripe it will not taste as it should be - it won't be result you wanted.  Apple is not ready yet and we have some hard events upon us to ripe for this event and receive it in a way it's best for us.

There is no hurry - everything has it's own "time" to happen.


by Leonid.
Sunday, November 4, 2012


I have not written to you for a long time now though you may remember my last questions and insight regarding Tekoma, the Hopi Red Star prophecy and others.

I am taking the time to write to you today to express my gratitude for all you have done for humanity again as I have keenly followed the many developments you've released.

Regarding Hurricane Sandy, which I strongly feel was HAARP created (prior to the election strangely), on Coast 2 Coast AM they had Whitley Streiber, Stan Deyo and others saying they had found a signature of an extreme heating near where Hurricane Sandy started, the signature of HAARP, they said.  I was wondering is this the first of the current upcoming events which have to be played out?

I have been spreading the word of warning to many about the coming public 'landings' of the re-engineered reptilians.

Or should I say the Galactic Federation of Light (GFOL) lies, as sadly I can see many desperate people falling for this guise.

Your warning about the upcoming false public 'landings' of what will really be re-engineered reptilians who are already here on Earth, and who only LOOK human, was extremely valuable and I am daily thinking and praying for you & your protection, as are many others.

By the way, regarding "Cobra", I see through Cobra, particularly when it revealed its affiliation with the GFOL.  Cobra?  I thought of a cobra charming people and people being charmed, until it strikes its prey, people.  I absolutely see it now as a... movement to introduce the GFOL and their "light chambers", think 'gas chambers', to an already led on and distracted audience.  I see it clear now and others shall too.

Cobra talks of the light.  So lets shine the light on it so people can see what it really is. 

And, what's with John Kettler taking your words, and his flying purple people eaters?  Huh?

Tolec, the Andromeda Council is the most valuable source of truth on this planet for many at this epic moment, and we all ask Creator to shower it with his blessings as you do this work.

On another subject, I and many others were very saddened to not see the cosmic event transpire as it would have been a grand wake up call for the rest of humanity, one that is much needed.  I guess the A's surely felt the same.  But maybe with Mother Earth in such drastic shape tectonically, it may have been prevented by Creator to prevent tragedy.  Who knows.

I do know though that I still have 100% faith in all the Andromeda Council are doing and have done.   And I look forward to meeting and helping my greater star family as it is my destiny, I know I'm sure, as I'm sure they are watching me.

I would also like to share some very interesting information which was a miracle no less -

I have been drinking very pure water on every sunny occasion that I leave it in the sun for 24 hours, and it is literally curing me of a past wounds I thought would never heal.  I received this information from Hira Ratan Manek, an amazing man who lives off of nothing more than sunlight and sun "bathed" water.   Please read it, if you have time of course -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlCJPxxKoaY

As anybody who drinks sun showered water will tell you its extremely energising and as our sun, Sol, is putting out an enormous amount of energy during the ramp up;  it is highly beneficial to many even though I get laughed at by many. 

But hey, I agreed to all the ridicule before Creator sent me here to do my part, though its very hard sometimes.  I'm not a native to Earth as I'm finding out, and that is why I've found it so unbearable for me since birth.  The overall low vibration is rising quicker and quicker.  I am awakening my friend, and I am to be a great soul upon an even greater Earth among many other great souls.

I thank the Creator inturn for bringing the Andromeda Council here, who in turn brought you into my life, who in turn brought the potential to change one of the worst places I've encountered into a jewel for all to see, as nothing is promised, the future always uncertain.

I stand ready to face chaos with my heart of gold, and I am noticing many who are drawn to me simply for my presence/vibration which has and is becoming very powerful with the force of Love.

With the Andromeda Council on my mind so regularly, I hope they feel my thoughts and I get to meet them when they finally come to here, if its still existing, and if I'm even still living here then.

If its ok with you, ill be in touch more often as I'm an instrument for the Creator's light, and I'm full of questions too.

I am very happy to contribute in any way and feel its just the beginning of a difficult but glorious journey.

May the Creator Bless us all.

by John
Monday, October 22, 2012

" Tolec, 

 I wanna thank you all [the Andromeda Council] for coming here to help and assist us in our want and need for CHANGE! WE LOVE YOU ALL <3 <3

My friend Angel is right. There are many us who feel the same and they are some who think we are 100% nuts.

But its OK. We've learned to live with the critics laughing and cracking jokes thinking we are crazy. So what I do now is I make a joke so they're laughing, and at the same time I'm thinking in my head - as long as I told them we are not alone and our family is coming, I'm good. lol.

We know its not their fault. From all the TV, subliminal messages, fluoride, chemicals being sprayed in the air by airplanes to poisoning our foods to keep us dumbed down.

People like the young man in Hungary, Angel and myself are doing the best we can to wake people up. We know there's forces blocking many others from seeing what we see. We only hope for the events to happen sooner then later. We also know everything will happen in its own time.

We are all thinking and wanting change for the better of ALL Mankind. No more pain and suffering. We want to live lives full of Love, Peace and Abundance.

I myself just want to be right on some things so I can say, "I told u so."

I'm also ready to help the people here on Earth from not freaking out so bad. I'll do my best ;)

I am also one voice and I am AWAKE.

My heart go's out to every ONE.

Looking forward to meet all Our Star Brothers and Sisters

We have a lot of work to do. 

But remember, We are ONE.


by Angel
Sunday, October 21, 2012


It’s been awhile since I've written to you. I hope you are doing well. 

In all my previous communications I've only asked questions, and never really had the chance to truly thank you for your work. I want to take the opportunity now to truly thank you and our star brothers & sisters.  

Lately I've come a point in the crossroads of my life, where I've paused to witness the state of the world, and can only wonder how things would be without the Andromeda Council's assistance. I've never met them. I don't know what they look like. I probably can't even see them in this dimension. 

But please let them know, I don't need physical proof because when I do think of them an immediate sense of peace comes to my mind. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate everything they are doing on all fronts. I am but one voice, like one grain of sand in our vast beaches.  Can one voice make a difference?  Thanks to the Andromeda Council, I believe it can. 

Watching the state of our world has made me realize that we humans need to cherish and love one another. We've fought for eons to no avail, provoked and manipulated by our controllers.

I still have much to learn, but fate has brought me to understand the role of humanity and our star brothers & sisters. We are soon to leave this 3D paradigm behind us, and with that all attachments, all problems, all stress, all anger & frustration. 

It boggles my mind to comprehend the vast distances all the people representing the member planets of the Andromeda Council have come to help us become free and sovereign. When I glance at the sky, I just wonder why us, with so much space, so much out there, why? I have yet to understand the full complexities. But I am thankful, truly thankful to have such wonderful people, beings, entities working on behalf of our liberation.

The Andromeda Council is an example that love is not an Earthly concept, that love is Universal, it transcends time, distances, planets and galaxies. Thank you to all of you for stepping in to help us in our hour of need. 

We truly live on a very challenging and difficult planet, where so many aspects of our society are so much like a financial, economic & political prison, where so many of us long for freedom but are afraid to fight.

Thank you for helping me to find the strength to make a conscious decision to rise up against tyranny and ridicule, and to become vocal to educate others on the issues at hand.  

I've come to understand that those who are awake serve a purpose greater than our own. We are to be pioneers of a new world, a new reality, a new dimension. We are to be anchors of love & light welcoming to all. And I thank you all for that. While so many go about their lives in oblivion, unaware of the changes, stuck in a system of bondage, this young man right here is truly grateful. I see past the divisions, past the tactics. I see hope. 

That hope has always been within, buried by the programming, the oppression, the fear. No longer.

Fortunately, fate has brought you all here, and I am truly thankful. It brings me peace to know that peace outside of Earth is not only possible, but its sustainable for us as well.

I hope to see you all very soon. Stay safe & much love.

The Coming Fourth Dimensional (4D) Shift
[submitted by:]  UniversalSage12

Tolec, this was posted on Godlikeproductions Conspiracy forum back in early summer.  Sharing with you in case you haven't seen this.  It's an extremely long post but very interesting corroboration from an external source.  Check it out!


Comment left in a GLP forum discussing "the shift":
Posted by zite User ID: 41672733, Brazil, 06/17/2013, 04:14 AM

"Hi Solar Guardian, your post was a bless to me. My english is not perfect so I hope you understand. I want to tell you this is story that will in the end support your dates, support what Alex Collier have said. But I need to tell you this story first, so you can understand why I think your dates are very, very real. This is big but please, read it, its important for me.

First of all, I swear that I`m not kidding with this.

I would never post something like this on the internet but I think that this is important. Just like you feel. So here we go:

I have never, ever, lost my memories before my encarnation process. I remember absolut everything during the birth process, the first day that I was born perfectly, first days... The Astral Travels and etc that I did on that time. This was all confirmed by video, photo, documents from that time that I have access decades after. So, what about it? The thing is that... When I encarnated I have not come alone, I came with another soul with me that encarnate in another body, there was another girlfriend of my mother that got pregnant at the same time. And with us there was this light being that I call "Alaíro" (is not his real name, they dont have names. Its just an sound translation of his vibration identity.) and he was somehow responsible for our encarnations, our evolution proccess... I talked with this other soul that happened to be my cousin, his father was brother of my father, we talked about all of this, and the other world...

We remembered the encarnation process too nad we talked about it in our childhood. But when he got around 6 years, for one day to another he lost his memories, I tried to talk with him about those things and he just looked at me like "wtf?" and he didnt remembered anything! Absolut nothing, I didnt understand... And after many years I discovered that no one knew that there was an "other side". I was completly lost. I lose contact with Alaíro for years, but some times he came I said things to me. Things that would happen, things that would happen 10 years before and he said "from 10 years from now... THIS will happen" and exatcly 10 years after this X happened, and I was "wow". Ok, so, I started my spiritual journay alone to find people here that knew about the other side, anyone from my school friends and family remember the encarnation process, they all had this amnesia thing. The other motive was that I knew that the Earth was going through a transformation, and it was going to be radical, and thats why I have encarnated.

So, I will skip all my life to get to the point of your post Solar Guardian... What I can say is that for all my life Alaíro helped me to understand alot of things, we talked for hours and hours and he taught me alot of systems, interdimensional systems, understands, I have developed telepathy, and I taught other peoples how to do it with success. I have developed telekinesis and had an group with people that could do it. I have done astral travel, I saw ghosts, and have learned to transmite messages from the other side to people. I have helped some families with that, and things like that. But I have stricted orders that I could not give my understandings to the public. And that people that needed to learn would come... And they came. Exactly like Alaíro said, one by one...

I was envolved with alot of missions on my life, I have had thousands of proofs. I have meet them in real places, they have materialized to us, with friends with me. Alaíro told me that my mother was doing to die 1 year before she did, and he said "1 year from now". He showed why, how, etc... And he taught me the best technique to get information from the universe. He said about the greys, reptilians, all entities trying to decieve us. And taught that If I want clean information I would have to get it direct from my Spirit (some superior part of us, that is more evolved from our Soul), or the Self itself (God) and the door to access it was in our heart, not our brain. So I understand alot... I saw things happened that anyone would believe If I told, and then he said to me that in 2012 nothing was going to happen. I meet some very high beings, that tould me that 2012 was secure... They told me that in 2005. So I always knew that anything would happen.

But after 2012 Alaíro came and said something very peculiar... He showed to me my next spiritual learning and mission, I would have to choose about 2 paths, and he said finally "Now, the path you choose, is going to be the last one in this encarnation. Because the Earth has no more time." and it was the first time he said something like that. I was like "omg, what doest that mean?" he said that the Earth was going to go to the 4D soon, and I have not time to do the first path, and after that the second... Because the Earth was not going to exist anymore in the third dimension. I choose my path and moved on.

So, after that I have the pleasure to meet the beings that were responsible for my encarnation... That was an race, very high in evolution, very similar to the Arcturians, they were in this mothership and I could go there... This experience is very complex I will let this explanation subjectively. So I talked with one of them about my encarnation, they were my race before this encarnation, and I knew them. They showed me other people that went to that mothership, he said me to find them so I did. And the exactly people he said I discovered that they went there, and they have had the same experiences and knew that same beings, the ship, everything. So we got together and started the next missions together.

Now We come to your post. I have maintained contact with these beings, and I asked if they could show me if the Earth was realy going to go to the 4D, and when and how... And they gave me access to these informations. They showed me exatcly what would happened to my friends, to Earth, in details... I have not permissions to explain all details, but one thing brought me to this post. They showed to me that the Earth was going to change dimensions between december 2013 and the mid of January 2014. And thats it. They showed me that something was going to happen in the second semester of 2013, I dont know what... Just something that was very important, and then in december the shift would start, and it would end in January mid. They showed to me a list of names of people that I know that was going to the 4D, and people that would not go.

Alaíro have explained to me the SAME that you said, thats all a choice... and the people that would not go, would be going to another 3D planet in this galaxy, very similar to Earth. And they said comething special "these people will use an technique to get to the 4D, but not you." They said that an Secret Society would call me, and that was my jump. They would teach me an different technique. Or I could just use another way.

3 days after that an member of an secret society entered in contact with me and said they would like to meet me, and maybe put me in. That makes the info true in that sense... But, at that time I didnt knew any technique to go to the 4D that my friends could use... I have been introduced to Kriya Yoga, Qi Gong, Kundalini Yoga, Merkaba, and other spiritual techniques that did not present a way to go to the 4D. So... In June 2, Drunvalo Melchizedek appeared, and Alaíro have always said, and my Spirit too, that he was one of the few guys out there that was working in light and truth. I had one mission one time with him to learn the Merkaba, only that. But now he was giving us this technique... And this was the one that the beings have said.

And thats how my friends was going to do it, and they are now using it. And they have their contacts with interdimensional beings too... And without me telling them anything, they came to me and said "They said to me that this is the last year of Earth, that the shift is going to happen in January 2014, have you heard anything about that?" and I was in chock. More than one came to me and said that, and thats not fake spiritual people, they are people that can meet these beings in physical using ways like the CE-5 from Steven Greer, (I saw that with my on eyes). This was not bullshit, this was not people that play with spirituality.

Something big was going to happen... Then the crop circles appeared, and said that the shift was going to happen very very soon, and they said something about the need to shift after this solar cicle that happens between july 2013 and december 2013. After that the angels have appeared to Drunvalo and said to release the information about how to go to the 4D and ALOT of people are working with that in secret now.

ALL my contacts have received the same message... And now I come to godlike forum and saw that even Alex Collier saw the dates? dec 2013 and jan 2014? This signs are coming from every direction. Everything I said here is true, and all my guides, meditations, show this dates... I just knew about those dates some months before people started to appear with the same signs, and now alot of people are starting to get this information and I am in chock. When I ask to Alaíro what is going to happen, he just say "Something beyond your imaginations."

So, I just wanted this, to share a little about my experiences and why I think this is something seriously.

I know that alot of people are not aware of these kind of events... But for now what It seems is that Atlantis is happening again, when 13k years ago no one believed that the shift was going to happen and just died. All my friends without exception have received the same messages and alerts, every single one of them are preparing for the ascencion right now. Me too. And I know big groups that are too and they expect that for now. So... Guys, if you have any feeling, intuition about that, I would say to you to follow it.

The worst scenario is that our mind-ego was right and everything will be the same in february 2014. But if you have this intuition, if it come from your heart, follow it. You have nothing to lose. Because the time seems to be now, we will all be in a new world in 1 year. Be another 3D planet, be 4D Earth, or be 5D. Believe in yourselfs, you would not want to regret some cetical mind inconveniences that can happen. 

I mean, if this is going to happen, Earth will not wait for you to go with her, she will go no matter what. Alot of people are encarnate and have the mission to go to the 4D Earth, and they are NOT going because of ego, mind, and mistakes that they made in their life *choices*. But there is still time, if you need to make some spiritual choices, make it now. There is people here that was never supposed to ascend, thats not their time. But for those that are, they can feel it. Go for it, have no fears.

Thats my message, alot of things I would love to say here, and tell, but these beings dont thing that It would do good, and I dont feel in my heart that It would too.

And again, this is not fake or made up. Hope you all understand what I`m trying to say here.

Solar Guardian: Can you show me the intel of Tolec and Alex Collier about these dates? I would LOVE to see them.

Thanks and sorry for anything that sliped from my intentions."

[submitted by:]  UniversalSage12
A Positive Word in the Times When So Many Doubt

by:  Booge
January 24, 2014

​Hey Tolec,

I just wanted to share with you something that has been brought to my attention. I have come to the understanding while all the visible signs that the shift is right at our doorstep that through everyone's worry that something has been forgotten. 

All the fear that is brought on by the over thinking of creating useless doubt. Blinding the self from the real truth that there is something much bigger at play here. That this upliftment actually involves the entire solar system. That the vibrations that are changing are not only changing the people on this planet but that of many other planets and affect many different dimensions as well.

That this change will affect the smallest of beings in the 3rd dimensions right up to the top of the entire whole. I have witnessed so many people to the aspect or fear in these last days because I feel there are not seeing the effect that this will have on the entire whole of all creation. That they have not listen to the entire story and are creating a bad situation in their own personal vibrations by not adding all the pieces of the puzzle together. Jumping from source to source living in self and causing themselves unneeded discomfort.

My latest vision I have felt what it was like to lose the aspect of self and be a part of the whole. The vibrations that are coming in will not leave on single stone unaffected. And in the end that the perception of the individual will be what is left to decide whether what is to come is a positive change or a travesty.

People have also forgotten the many sacrifices our star brothers and sisters have made for us. That in there own wollering that they have overlooked one very important truth. The truth that many higher dimensional beings have had to give just as much if not more than the people in the 3rd dimension. That many sacrifices have been made on both sides.

We are shifting to a collective vibration and leaving the self. One that is really about the entire solar system. Not one person need for a spaceship to be in the view of the eye. And in the end they will look back and see how silly it was to fret over the little details.

I see so many people making assumptions based on a story that half the words are written in a language they can't read yet. I feel at the end of the day if they chose to will have a chance to be mentored by people that could teach them how to speak the language. They project their fears outward and don't inject love inward and allow it to shine by example. They have failed to listen when so many have told them time and time again to be the change instead of waiting on it.

This shift never was never simply about helping just people. But about the natural progression of an entire solar system. Answers can not be given to a story that has not be written but is being wrote. The pages being filled in as people make the choice to live in love or continue to feed the delusion of fear.

This upliftment is about WE. And WE then chose to see it are leaving the I and preparing for the greatest times that have ever came. 

"The love you hold is the pain you carry". This has such a profound meaning to me now. Meaning that whenever you choose to live in separation of anything that has come from creator/source, you are choosing to carry the burdens of that void. 

In the end Mother earth is moving through her birthing cycle and about to give birth to a new era. There are millions that have come from all over creation to be apart and a witness to the beauty of the this process and its result. One that is ruled with feeling and not thinking, love and not fear. All you have to do to get a ticket is wait and smile.

Thank you Tolec for all the work you have done. And thank the Andromeda Council, Galactic Federation and everyone else that has given so we could have. 

There are many of us ready for this shift and are trying to keep others anchored in the higher vibrations. I feel this is just the beginning to the beauty of what is to come. 

And I for one am humbled and grateful to be a participant and a witness to such an event. 

Mitakuye Oyas'in.  We are all One.

Dreamtime Return

by:  2trancentral
March 7, 2014

Hi Tolec.  It seems this is how the whole thing (the Shift) works.  People, now more than ever, they should look inside and concentrate on their deep feelings, and follow what their true inner being whisper is right.  They should focus on what makes them happy, and I'm not talking about satisfying ego, but your spirit, or your inner child.  Let go of all barriers and boundaries, and be Love.  At the same time, ignore all the negativity around, as energy flows where intention goes, and this is actually a process of creating a new world, a new paradigm. Simply reject to be part of anything that comes from the dark side.  What must collapse, will collapse.  It doesn't mean that it should include you, and these things are happening all around us.  We must keep our heads above the water.  And this is the way -  concentrate on the positive things, and intend the new world you would like to live in. The power of intent is the most powerful force in whole Creation.  If there would be no more negativity in people, there would be no negativity in the world.  And we must take this path. In the process, we're probably going through some DNA changes and evolving as everything unfolds.  We might get help from our space brothers, and we're probably getting help, and i thank them for that.  But we must do the job ourselves.

People should know that we are living in the most amazing times in human history, and celebrate :)

greetings from Belgrade
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Letting Go of Obstacles

by:  Nicholas Fowler
March 11, 2018

Hi Tolec. 

Letting go of obstacles is far from easy and so often it is a letting go of energy that surrounds the obstacles within us. Thought forms build up, we cling to the negative energy partly because our act of clinging is our futile attempt at clearing these obstacles from our mind. 

Alas we are far from alone here for other life forms also like this negative energy and feed off and encourage this negative and poisonous emotion. It is all we can do to brace ourselves the moment we wake up and renter this world once again from the astral world of sleep.

There often is a perception of clarity early in the morning which invariably is hard to pin down , that is to focus and amplify in our conscious awareness. This is the essential purity of perception of the world minus the myriad negative emotions that pull our consciousness to lower and far from optimum levels.  It is futile save in some rare cases, trying to be rid of these negative thought forms and energy complexes but by releasing this energy in a positive way it is possible to at least reach an accommodation with it thus allowing some freedom for our minds and consciousness.

Working through negativity, most of which comes from empathic relationships with others and our environment, is the spiritual path for the majority of us on this planet until a time of total human awakening in higher densities of reality.

regards and blessings, Tolec,

Nicholas Fowler