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January 17, 2020
A January 2020, new year, round table, consciousness discussion:  
Healing, Awareness, Evolution and Consciousness.
Due to the catastrophic nature of the fires that are traumatizing and affecting the lives of so many people in Australia, including the lives of my planned guests ~ I am postponing this roundtable discussion to  some future date.

Please continue to send kind thoughts and 'prayers' to all living beings in Australia as they attempt to deal with this level of 'purging' by fire.
January 14, 2020
A unique, highly conscious, multi dimensional & multidisciplinary approach... in the role of a seer,  a shaman and viewed  through the lens of science and astrology.
The "Sessions" page of Dan's web site begins, "We are powerful beings of light from the higher dimensions of the universe who have chosen to visit planet Earth.   As spiritual beings incarnating here into a human physical form, we must work to fulfill that divine mission.  On the road of life, our human experience includes...".

At the beginning of his "About" page he says, "A mission of transformation, healing and growth comes from diligence in synthesizing new, active abilities out of our knowledge and experiences. Being able to operate effectively in both physical and non-physical reality has given me...".

Many of you have met Dan or heard him speak in recent interviews and at my Transformational  Shift conferences.   A very bright, highly gifted, very intuitive and compassionate man... he blends a multidisciplinary, intuitive, historical, and sidereal, cosmic approach to astrology.

Dan also provides other related services including: Spiritual Advocacy, Dowsing and Space Clearing... in his desire to help people  rediscover their mission and purpose in life. 

For those of you in search of a complete astrological profile, I/Tolec believe you will find both Dan's astrology life consultancy, and especially his other services, potentially life changing, very insightful and highly rewarding.   Check him out!
Web link -
Dan Brock
<------- click here
or click here
January 25, 2020
A completely profound, in depth,  yet plain spoken, and highly insightful, discussion between Chris Snipes of "The Melt" and other highly gifted friends ~ Cheyene Stone & Marc Weisburg of: Soul Evolved.  It is titled: "ENERGY HEALING AND THE INFINITE SELF."
Together they delve into & reveal the nuances and layers of free will, boundaries, consciousness, healing, real true causes of 'dis-ease', old stuck energy patterns to the DNA level, in the human energy fields of the quantum, higher vibrational self.  Of your soul.  And, they reveal new healing modalities that are having transformative POSITIVE life changing experiences for many.
I know this.  Why?  Because I myself have personally done this kind of work necessary, and continue to do so even today, to be able to live a healthy, rewarding, fulfilling, AND emotionally pain free, very powerful, authentic life.   Please listen to their conversation.  It could change your own life, for the better. 
Interview web link -
March 23, 2020
Regarding alleged global pandemic, "corona virus".  This is a medical false flag event.
This report of mine is a hard analysis of the real numbers having to do with the "Corona virus"/aka/"COVID-19". What are the real numbers? How do they compare to the numbers from this season's 2019 -2020 seasonal flu virus. What's REALLY going on? What are the other related issues and likely agendas? What might be some unlikely, potential upsides? How might this overall experience affect us long term?
And, I'm thankful to be back in, at least in the leading edge of, the American desert southwest.  Enjoy this serious analysis by me, and some likely surprises.
Web link -
Corona virus, by the numbers. 
A reality check, I'm pretty sure 
will surprise you !
Now up published onto YouTube.
This scenario is not what it seems.  Other agendas are at play.  So many systems in our society [financial, healthcare, energy, social services & more] are broken and need to be fixed.

I recommend, you embrace this moment in time and the coming changes. And, remember. Perception is reality, only if you let it be.   You can create whatever life you want!
March 27, 2020
Absorption of the Federal Reserve.
[we're at the beginning of, we're very close to this result, this actuality.]
"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness."
Web link -
X 22 Report
If you haven't done so yet, I highly recommend, especially during this time in our lives of being sequestered, you check in often to this man's [Dave's] analysis & reporting.  His facts, clear insight, heart, spirit, intellect and intuition... are very, very good.
This specific report is especially insightful from a financial & economic perspective ~ as to what is going on right now, and what is next:
"Trump Moves Ahead With The Economic Plan, Next Phase Coming"
Benjamin Fulford's reports have also been a very good, overall, back channelalternative media source of what's really been going on [as least since 2012 that I can recall in reporting on the "Deep State", the "Whistle blowers", the "White Hats", the "Patriots" and other quiet segments of our society... working to create a truly better world, for all of us... the citizens of this beautiful planet.
Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis
by Benjamin Fulford
This specific piece is especially informative & insightful.  I highly recommend you read it:  "Abe, Macron, Merkel & Prince Charles to be “coronavirused,” as Battle for Planet Earth intensifies".
Jan 8, 2020 ~
Jan 8, 2020 ~
Jan 28, 2020 ~
(Part 2)
(Part 3)
April 4, 2020
DUMBs.  Prima facie evidence.
Back in 2011 & 2012 I shared with you the very specific details of the destruction of many undersea & underground Reptilian operated bases, the last of which was destroyed in March 2012 ~ located, sitting specifically, on the mid-Altantic ocean shelf, in the ocean, directly due east of:  Washington D.C. 
As I also acknowledged, there were, and are now being destroyed ~ Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs), and a network of bases, caverns and tunnels, and maglev trains, deep underneath the continental U.S, essentially used to capture, hide/imprison, and transport, a network of prison encampments of primarily, though not exclusively, women & children.   Sadly, now, generations of them.
Further, based on my March 23, 2020 report about the alleged global pandemic virus ~  that it is a false flag, as a cover story;  I told you that there are MANY other issues and agendas we would learn about... that we would discover are the REAL REASONS  for the cover story, and prime-time distraction, for the timely triggering of many 'clean up' operations,
that of the 'Deep State'/Powers that Shouldn't Be, servants to their literal, remaining Reptilian masters, of  their own deep underground [DUMBs], out of sight operations, and self serving agenda.  It's finally being exposed... and these bases are finally being destroyed by "White Hat" military personnel.
Therefore,  should you be interested in the reality of what is really going on, if you've not done it already ~  I highly suggest you also check out these sources:  "Jonathan Seagull", "X22 Report" and "Weekly Geo-Political News & Analysis".   Enjoy this positive turn of events, very clear reporting, and unique insights, that these alternative media reporting patriots are providing for us... via the web.   I further strongly believe ~ IF you are still watching & listening to mainstream television, TURN IT OFF !   Instilling more fear... is their only goal.
From close contacts of mine in Tucson, AZ, going back to my early days there in early 1990s, I learned about these underground bases, especially throughout the southwest and California, though I was completely unaware of the prison encampment aspect back then.  Today, we know of it as the direct imprisonment and transport method of the highly sick and twisted, malevolent pedophile networks.
In closing ~  this moment in time, this era of incredible changes, of which we're really only at the beginning, is the moment of "transition" I've been speaking about since:  late summer 2011. Please, mark my words ~ these changes, ultimately good, beneficial changes, they will come at us and affect us from many different areas of our lives.  And, they will continue to come at us... at a veryvery fast pace.  One after another.
Wodakote.  Peace to you All.
Reporting.   Facts.
Apirl 2, 2020 ~
The beginning of the end of Human Child Trafficking.
As further serious evidence, please watch & listen to this new report, citing an announcement by the Office of the Press Secretary of the White House: "The National Child Abuse Prevention Month":
And, many people, including 35,927 children were recently released by Special Forces from "China Lake", in California, a known MK ULTRA facility.
[note: for the specific reference to the rescue of these children ~ please watch the first January 8, 2020 "Jonathan Seagull" video report listed at the 15:24 minute mark].
Finally, this abhorrent, inhumane, capture, imprisonment, trafficking, torture, mistreatment and abuse of children... is ending, FINALLY!
Though just know, all is in order.  Things are progressing as they are supposed to.  Remember, anything new of real value... it can't, and won't, be built on the old broken system(s), ones which have been truly unbalanced and decidedly NOT in the best interests of the Citizens of this incredible planet.
The old system(s) must die... so that new one(s) can be established, flourish and thrive unabated.
April 16, 2020
Item 1.  A mission scramble, fly-over today by two (2) U.S F-16s, based out of Lackland Air Force Base.  They typically NEVER fly by here.  And, they were in a big hurry!
Item 2.  Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis.  Dated:  April 13, 2020. "Elites Fighting Desperately Against Global Slave Revolt."
As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago ~ Benjamin Fulford's reports have been a very good, overall, back channelalternative media source of what's really been going on [as least since 2012 that I can recall in reporting on the "Deep State"/the "Cabal", different factions of its global operations, and typically, whistleblowers and "White Hat" actions.
Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis
by Benjamin Fulford
This most recent piece is highly compelling regarding the nature of what I've spoken about that is what's ~  REALLY GOING ON ~ right now.  And no, I'm not talking about the alleged "global pandemic", false flag.  I highly recommend you read it:  "Elites Fighting Desperately Against Global Slave Revolt."
"Think [CB]  Fiat System, Think What Comes Next."
May 9, 2020
An intention.  The choice to choose the path of love.
"I See You", including all this expression entails, and I love you just for who you are, right in this moment.  And, I vow to join with you to make our experiences together, today, tomorrow and every day thereafter...
the very real beginning of a much better world, a much kinder world and more loving world, for all of humanity.
For, I choose this path with you... because it is right & good, for the intention of love has unlimited, positive potentials.  I choose this path with you... because the human race on this planet deserves to have a far better future... than this current moment.
I choose this path with you... because this key pivotal moment in our growth and evolution... is the greatest worthwhile endeavor for the whole Earth human race.
Let us choose together as free, sovereign humans of this planet... not what the mainstream media driven, Deep State tells us we should fear, not how we should act, not how we should feel, not how we should distance from each other;
Rather, let us choose love, the most positive and powerful force in the Universe, kindness & compassion, together... because it is simply, individually and collectively the best way forward for us to evolve... as a species.
Many, many blessings to you all.
Let us all join  individually, and together, as a diverse family of humans on this beautiful planet Earth, and say with great depth & truth:
A very clear explanation. A grounded, very well explained reality check regarding the ~ "Propaganda Behind the Pandemic 2020 Reprogramming How to Brainwash the Planet ",  By Dr. John Bergman.
This incredible source, Dr. John Bergman, describes in this video the REALITY of what is really going on... regarding the promotion & selling of the perception... of the alleged global pandemic.  The work of this intelligent, plain spoken man was provided to me by a close friend & colleague of mine Cheyene Stone of Soul Evolved.
I believe it is highly valuable & important for you to watch & listen to what Dr. Bergman has to say in his video report.  It is brief, plain spoken, unequivocal... and to the point... regarding the "perception of reality" that the [mainstream] 'media/military/pharmaceutical/healthcare/industrial complex' [aka the 'Deep State'] is doing its best to 'sell' to, and convince, the public, of this situation.  It is... simply unbelievable.  Watch, listen and learn for yourselves.
Again, also keep in mind, there is MUCH MORE going on here [behind the scenes], as I've indicated in my reports on this topic, going to back to mid-March 2020.
Web link -
Very damning, unequivocal compelling information.  An incredible explanation provided by decorated U.S Army [ret.] emergency field physician, Dr. Rashid Buttar, now Medical Director for the Center for Advanced Medicine in Mooresville, North Carolina.
Interview by Brad Lea.  Now up on YouTube
Web link -
Web link -
May 18, 2020
A highly enjoyable evening with three (3) very kind, gentle, awakened people  ~ Darrell from Vancouver BC, Canada, Sarah from greater Melbourne, Australia and Philippe from Quebec, Canada... who are in different stages of their awakening, evolution & growth.  Clients of Adona of StarAncestry, they shared with us their lives, thoughts, feelings and experiences regarding their spiritual awakening.
This conversation is now up on YouTube.
We hope you enjoy this conversation.  Be assured, it is about their personal experiences, their awakened lives, hopes and dreams. 
Web link -
May 17, 2020
Please join and enjoy listening to "Angel", and her panel members, as I was invited as a guest on their "People for People" radio program Sunday, May 17, 2020, for their:  "World Healer's Show".  And, I've been honored to be asked, and accepted, to be a new member of their weekly Sunday radio program.

It had been quite a while since I had been solely interviewed, so we covered a lot of topics.  'Hope you enjoy it.
Web link -
May 24, 2020
Please join and enjoy listening to Frank, "Caz", "Angel", myself and the other panel members, for this week's: "People for People" ~ May 24, 2020, "World Healer's Show", titled:  "QUANTUM FREQUENCIES".  

We discussed at length a topic I've always found fascinating and has made a huge difference in my life:  Quantum Consciousness, how you access it and your ability to manifest those things you truly desire and want in your life.  'Hope you enjoy this program as well, especially inclusive of Frank Jordon's incredible in-depth knowledge.
Web link -
May 28, 2020
Notice of this "Sign of the Times" (SOTT) article was passed onto me by my good friend Cheyene Stone of "Soul Evolved".  It is so accurate I felt it worthwhile to share with you all.   
It was written by:  John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Instituted and was published on May 26th, 2020.  It is titled, with its original link:
Web link -
I've pretty much said everything I can say in describing this video with approximately 100 credentialed physicians, doctors, who know what they're talking about.
'Hope this video helps you better grasp... the nature of the totality of the nefarious, created, fear indoctrination based... alleged health 'crisis'.   The literal lies the main stream media & the existing heath care system are telling... are the worst kind of propaganda we've ever seen!   Watch for yourself...  and see some truth & a great reality check, for a change.  Enjoy.
Web link -
June 19, 2020
June 19, 2020
"The elite technocrats are lying about your future." 
Please read and appreciate this highly intelligent article provided by Sign of the Times (SOTT).
Web link -
February 2, 2020
Now published up onto YouTube a brand new expose on one of the most prominent, well liked and respected leaders of the Andromeda, Galactic CouncilAmbassador Tanka; and, his  specific thoughts for humanity regarding the continuing earth changes for 2020 and beyond into this decade.  It is a reality check, and I hope you find it highly informative and insightful.
note:  impressionistic color rendering of Ambassador Tanka done by ~ Adona.
Here in .PDF form is the written transcript of his thoughts, information & insight as he shared with us... and all of Earth Humanity.
Web link -
New biopic about Ambassador Tanka of the Andromeda, Galactic Council.  And, 2020 Climate Change, Earth Change Predictions and Beyond. An Insightful Reality Check.  note: this ~ IS NOT ~ about our "carbon footprint".
June 19, 2020
Please enjoy this interview teaser with Brad Olsen, Explorer/Adventurer, Publisher, Esoteric Award Winning Author ~ and honored VIP GUEST Speaker for our 2020 Wopila Conference.
Web link -
June 30, 2020
Please enjoy this interview teaser with Dan Brock, Artificial Intelligence ("AI") Expert, Multidiscipline, Interdimensional Explorer, Cosmic Astrologer and honored VIP GUEST Speaker for our 2020 Wopila Conference.
Web link -
July 19, 2020
The fourth in a series of biopics on key, senior executive staff or Council members stationed on the Andromeda, Galactic Council biospheres.  This biopic is solely focused on:  Azar, Chief Medical Officer of the six (6) Council 'Hospital'/Healing Biospheres.
Please enjoy this interview with Adona/"Andromene", Director of the Council's: Interdimensional Telepathy & Communication - Observation & Advisory Board as she directly shares Azar's knowledge with us.
"Azar on 'COVID', Uncertainty, Massive Change, Transformation, Unity,  the Council's Six (6) 'Hospital'/Healing Biospheres... and Scope of Healing for Earth Human Incarnated Souls.
Web link -
August 15, 2020  (08.19.2020 edit)
'FALSE FLAG' "alien invasion" coming next, courtesy of the 'DEEP STATE', aka 'Powers that Shouldn't Be', via the mainstream media (MSM) nearest you.   It will be a lie.  
As one of the other biggest lies, c***d, begins to lose its grip on the intelligent, free & sovereign people of this planet ~  the 'Powers that Shouldn't Be', aka the DEEP STATE ~ will make its final play [in its coming death] to attempt to instill even greater fear, and therefore control, over the global populace... in the developed countries of this planet. 
I've consistently said over many years, as well as have others, including Dr. Carol Rosin, that the last gasp effort of the dying rulers of this planet, many of which are not human, as Dr. Carol Rosin is known to describe it, "...the fifth [or last or final] card to fall will be the fake alien invasion."   
image courtesy of ~
The 'Powers that Shouldn't Be' will attempt to use this orchestrated, fake event [it will be fake in that the aliens {Reptilians}, and their technology, are and have been here on planet Earth for years], to instill fear and attempt to cause sovereign Earth citizens to give up their few remaining freedoms and rights.   
The overriding upside to all of this coming in our near future ~ is that when they attempt this overall malevolent & dystopian power grab, with even further restrictions on the people of planet Earth; 
When the Reptilian leaders, and their hybrid 'lieutenants', of the DEEP STATE & 'Powers that Shouldn't Be' finally reveal themselves, come out from deep underground...
I can say with absolute certainty... that benevolent, 'white hat', ET forces, some of whom are independent and yet aligned with the people the Procyon Star system, planet Kaena, of the Andromeda, Galactic Council, who have successfully already destroyed 15 undersea and 2 underground Reptilian bases...  
they will deal with and eliminate these parasitic, abusive, manipulative, fear, war & death hungry beings [those non-human beings ultimately responsible for ALL forms of peadophilla, human sacrifice and trafficking] once and for all...  from planet Earth.  Their time on this planet will be done;  and they will also no longer be able to survive the increasing higher frequencies of the soon to be 'birthed' ~ higher dimensional Earth ~ and all of her remaining  newly transformed, higher dimensional life forms. 
In closing on this topic ~  very recently, as shared by our personal contact people of the Council ~ Adona of StarAncestry, "Andromene" of the Council, and I, have been told by them ~  that these specific events I'm sharing with you will occur in the coming "many months", NOT YEARS.  Therefore, this will continue to be a time of great transformative changes for all on planet Earth.
Please understand, this IS the time of transition, including coming major, very serious, earth changes, of which I've been speaking for years.  
Also know that mainstream media "perception", especially the one the MSM is selling, it is NOT reality. These times may feel dark.  However, realize, it is always the darkest...  before the dawn... of a new world.

Many, many blessings to you all.
08.19.2020.   This should have been my original opening statement:  "Alien false flag attack coming [from outer space].   It's a lie."
They, Reptilians, have been here on Earth, for years!  The created dramatic attack, and/or coming multiple attacks, will be the last play of the "DEEP STATE" aka "The Powers that Shouldn't Be", those who have controlled from the dark shadows, [from the literal underground depths of this planet]... the global populace of this planet Earth...   for years
Web link -
September 4, 2020 
Due to the August 26, 2020 censorship, the removal, by YouTube of my "Alien false flag attack coming [from outer space]. It's a lie." video;  It was up on YouTube for a week & a half, and it had approximately 5,875 views;  it was the only video of mine ever removed after 9 straight years of work.  This act should tell you the seriousness of this matter. 
Therefore, I was invited by Alfred Webre to speak publicly about YouTube's actions;  and what I felt about this current era we are in;  and, what is coming.  Please enjoy our conversation. 
As written by Alfred Webre of Exopolitics & Inside Out News:
October  4, 2020
The reality of the end of the Draco, Hydra, Sirius B and Orion Reptilian presence on planet Earth.
A recent Sean Stone [Vokal] ~ Tolec interview.
"Tolec, Andromeda Council representative, exposes coming False flag ET “invasion” as Earth-based Deep State Reptilians psyop."
October  19, 2020
During this increasingly dynamic and surreal time of challenges and changes people are experiencing.
Andrew FIsher & Tolec cover a whole range of topics including coming false flag alien invasions... once the 'energy' of the alleged global pandemic loses its fear hold over many people across the planet. 
Web link -
Web link -
February 12, 2021
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all 'people' are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."
As I said many years ago, World War III would not be nuclear, or with gun, bombs or missiles.  World War III would be about control over the human rightsliberties & freedoms...  the "hearts, minds & souls" of the people of this planet, which starts here in this country.  We have always been a freedom loving, independent people.
This serious 'house' cleaning is coming and is long overdue.  So many systems have been corrupted and/or broken for so long.  It's going to be messy...  for a while.
So much of what happens here... still ripples all across the globe as it did back in 1776... with the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolutionary War;  a war declared against... dark, abusive, corrupt powers.  Know that these are their last days.
Because of this, big changes are coming.  Expect a major 'house' cleaning to be done by the U.S Military, the serious removal of many people inside [the U.S Federal Government, mainstream media, big tech and more];

and from the outside [foreign powers & people], with connections to the highest levels of U.S government. The level of outside tampering, treason, subversion and incursion from the outside is unprecedented, including by parties such as: China (CCP), U.K, Germany, Italy ("the Vatican") and others.  
"Olympuswill not fall!  The Republic of the United States of America will be renewed.
"... to protect [the U.S] against all enemies, foreign and domestic."
[ his live web site ]
[ his movie ]
Please enjoy Sean Stone's beautiful, heart & soul touching, and uplifting, new movie production "IMAGINE" off of his overall, new release "Alien Spirit". 
The really good  news is that... when this is over, expect that we will be at the dawn of a new era of freedom in this country, and beyond our borders, as we begin to experience for the first time in many years... an open free society...  supporting our rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".
February 12, 2021.  The below is an edit of my original article; 
and I also provide you with a seemingly, very  credible source to keep you well informed of the 'change status' of the U.S. 
February 16, 2021
Please listen to this intelligent, seemingly very credible and well connected source: "Juan O'Savin."  Very valuable, insightful information in terms of the behind the scene changes happening in the U.S right now.
location of many 
Juan O'Savin interviews ]
[ his recent interview with Robert Steele ]
March 12, 2021
Forwarded by Niara Isley, please listen to this intelligent, very plain spoken, highly informative summary of facts from the most recent, March 10, 2021 "Juan O'Savin." interview.