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November 28, 2016
Ryan Gable, Host & Producer of The Secret Teachings his co-host Jack, and I/Tolec, had a great conversation on Wednesday, November 9th.  Among other things, we had a great discussion about the results of the U.S presidential election... and the likelihood of what these results mean for the U.S & beyond. 

Just click on the below graphic, which is a live web link to Ryan's YouTube archive of this show, listen and enjoy.
The movie "Arrival" - my observations/
November 17, 2016.
Here are my my/Tolec immediate specific  impressions/observations after watching this new movie.  The people who made & directed this film are paying attention:

a.) twelve (12) 'alien' ships arrive hovering just feet over Earth. Really!  **There are 12 Andromeda Council biospheres.**

b.) the 'aliens', "...don't experience time."   Does this sound familiar?

c.) the 'aliens' used symbols & visual imagery to communicate with people in this movie.  Not
 the  key  characters,  the 
movie poster turned on end
with how communication happens with people in the higher dimensions.

And, it has a great surprise ending.  You  just  might enjoy seeing this movie.   It will make you think.   
mathematics.   This is consistent
the movie "Arrival" trailer
Just click on the below image and you will be able to listen to an MP3 archive of my conversation with JP of Wolf Spirit's - Ever Beyond Radio from Sunday night, 11.27.2016
November 29, 2016.
December 12, 2016.
Ryan Gable, Host & Producer of The Secret Teachings  and I/Tolec got together again, on December 7, 2016, for our second conversation.  We touched on some very relevant, contemporary topics - emotional maturity, spiritual awareness and the relevance of technology.

Our session was 'aired Sunday  night, December 11th.  Just click on the below web link and you can listen the YouTube  archive of our discussion -
December 24, 2016.

Galactic, Torsion, Energy  Ascension Wave.
As many of us who have, and continue, to experience higher dimensional contact well know - 

this galactic, torsion, energy, "ascension" wave that our solar system, including our planet, has entered into IS the major reason for the continuance of the raising of consciousness, vibration and frequency of most beings on this planet, and other planets of other dimensional levels, in this area of space.

Further, as the magnetic frequencies of this area of space continue to rise, we will, as many of us have said, continue to evolve... toward the ultimatecompletehigher dimensional, transformational shift of most life forms on this planet in the coming years.  We will become, at minimum, crystalline based, mid-level 4D+, light/energy based life forms... forever healthy with virtually eternal life spans. Keep in mind the actual moment of change to 4D life...  it will be instantaneous.

​As I have said years ago, this journey to 4D, from an emotional perspective, is a journey inward toward the complete expression of love... love of self and love for each other. During the course of this evolution remember to forgive... forgive yourself & forgive others on the way to... opening your heart. This is integral to the healing process, for all of us, as a human species of great diversity on this small blue planet located in the far reaches of space.

As I've also said, it can also be expressed as the journey from thousands of years of male/intellectual/analytical/logical energy & outward expression focused on the ways of the mind;

transitioning to the more gentle expressions of female/giving/intuitive energy focused on... the ways of the heart. The ways of peace, of giving of self to others... the ways of universal, compassionate  love.​

As I/Tolec have also said many times, certain humans & beings who are the major part of the power structure on this world, or deep underground, who have run this planet and controlled so many humans, for so many years -and- who have no intention of evolving in consciousness into a more loving vibration of life...

they will not be able to survive the rise, the 'bump up', in vibration, frequency, magnetism, greater illumination... and balanced, emotional loving ways of higher dimensional life.

Our multidimensional, stargate, portal sun will also continue to evolve.  It will become a blue white star, and; in terms of our new higher operating human functionality we will have complete self awareness & cognition, total memory recall, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience & greater natural harmony with others.

We will also evolve to such a point that we will finally begin to see, and interact, with other higher dimension, light/spirit energy life forms who have been in our immediate 'space' for years.

As you can imagine this will be a time of amazing growth and expansion toward fulfilling our own... galactic human potential.  Remember, we are inherently beings of great light.

However, understand that each one of us is self responsible for not only our "spiritual" higher dimensional evolution & choices... but our emotional maturity as well.

How we act and treat others on this very planet, others who may live very differently than us, whether we first extend kindness, compassion, willingness to understand and humility...  this will determine how we ourselves will be responded to, and treated.

If we are to eventually be accepted as a single peaceful planet into any peaceful galactic brother/sisterhood of planets... we must evolve into becoming balanced, peaceful, loving, forgiving... compassionate humans.  

Remember, ultimately, for each and every one of us, it is all about our choices, each and every one, every moment of every day. 

Wodakote.   Many Blessings.   Peace to You All.
Its Meaning for Humanity & Implications.
January 21, 2017
News story.
Appointment of Donald J. Trump to the American Presidency:  What it ultimately means for the People of the United States of America.
On FridayJanuary 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the forty-fifth President of the United States of America.  What many people do not know is that he was not elected.   He was appointed.

As a matter of fact, according to a doubles tennis playing partner of mine back in Tucson, a retired, eloquent elder statesman who worked for the U.S State Department during the Vietnam war era -

back in 1993, he was in his very early 70s at that time, his mind was still sharp & clear;  and he told me, and two other men during a break between sets, that ever since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy - every President since Kennedy had been appointed.  Yes, every President since Kennedy had been appointed.

And equally important, as I've said in various interviews, since November of 2014 when I asked my contact person, the commander of the primary Andromeda Council biosphere, what this [at that moment] upcoming presidential 'election' meant for this country.  Here is what he said & showed to me in imagery back in late autumn 2014 [paraphrased]: 

 "...your current President, the man you call Barack Obama, he will be the last President of the United States as you know it.

The next man appointed as President, he will be like no other you have ever experienced.  He will be from outside your political system.  He will initiate and begin the most sweeping changes in the history of your country.  It will be the advent of a new era.

It will mark the beginning of massive reduction, restructuring and reorganization of your American federal government and its political system. You will witness the elimination of certain departments and agencies.  It will be the kind of restructuring  the likes of which you have never seen before.  It will be a time of true change."____

So everyone, I tell you this - watch, listen and wait. Participate in this process if you feel compelled to. Observe what will be happening.  These coming months, this year and beyond, will be an era of the most impactful changes in national government, and politics, this country will ever experience... since the end of the American Civil War.

In closing, and for record, I am neither for/pro "Trump", nor am I against the man.

I'm simply sharing with you what my higher dimensional, Andromeda Council contact person shared with me back in November 2014... in terms of what we could expect with the appointment of this new President.

As I said, watch, listen and wait. Observe. You will see significant, sweeping changes coming, in this country, in the coming months and years.  Many of them may very well be... good changes.  We'll see.

Wodakote.  Peace to you all.____  Tolec.  
February 8, 2017
Archive Posting
Please enjoy the archive of this January 28, 2017 conversation between Janet Lessin, Christina Patrick John Polk of Aquarian Radio -and- me/Tolec & Adona of Star Ancestry.

Just click on the below graphical web link to listen -
February 24, 2017
Breaking News Story.   Confirmation.
"...Stephen Bannon, President Donald Trump's chief strategist and intellectual force behind his national agenda, said Thursday that the new administration is locked in an unending battle against the media and other globalist forces to... "deconstruct" an outdated system of governance."

Bannon went onto say, "...They're going to continue to fight, "the media", the "opposition party,"... "and other forces  he sees as standing in the president's way."  "If you think they are giving you your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken."  
"Trump out to deconstruct system".
Andromeda Council information from November 2014 & January 21, 2017 confirmed, regarding this newly appointed U.S President, Donald Trump.
Also, on March 7th, join Adona & I -  as we speak with Clint Culbertson with Lords of Consciousness.
original article: Washington Post
February 26, 2017
An Apology.
To hear my apology regarding specific disharmony & discord due to one male Speaker's statements at my 2016 [Tucson] Transformational Shift Conference, please click on the below web link:
If the news of tornadoes striking in February is not a wake up call;  if you think weeks-on-end of temperatures in the upper 60s is normal, in February, winter in the Chicago area;
if you believe this kind of weather in the upper mid-west is typical and normal, in winter, then you are mistaken.  This is a wake up call.  And it is consistent with the kind of planetary changes I have been revealing about this period, being a distinct time of change, of a warming transition, as this planet becomes one of a higher vibration, of higher dimensional life.
February 26, 2017
March 1, 2017
YouTube Post
Please feel free to enjoy what was a dynamic conversation on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, between Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection, Adona of Star Ancestry and me/Tolec.

We discussed many relevant topics that are becoming increasingly important, taking place in the 'background, in the higher realms, and more importantly, how are lives are being affected, in this time of change, with the appointment of Donald Trump as President of the United States.
YouTube Post
Please enjoy this conversation with Joe Marra of Universal Talking & GuidingLite, Adona of Star Ancestry & me/Tolec, as we spoke with -  Rex Bear of the LEAK PROJECT.
March 3, 2017
Please enjoy what should be an enlightening conversation with Keith Blanchard of - Center of Light Radio, Adona of StarAncestry & me/Tolec, tonight, March 20, 2017 at:
March 20, 2017
Please enjoy this archived conversation from early  March as I speak with Clint Culberson with Lords of Consciousness - Being the Change.
YouTube Post
March 23, 2017
Archive Posting
April 4, 2017
Please enjoy this archived one hour conversation from April 3, 2017 between me/Tolec and Mark Snider.
YouTube Posting
April 9, 2017
Please enjoy this conversation between me/Tolec & James Gilliland on James' - As You Wish Radio - from Saturday night, April 8, 2017.
YouTube Posting
May 17, 2017
Please enjoy the following conversation between me/Tolec & James Gilliland of ECETI from Saturday night, May 13, 2017.  We discuss many contemporary topics.
YouTube Archive
May 23, 2017
Please click on the below live graphic link and enjoy this thought provoking conversation between Chris & Sheree Geo of - Beyond the Veil Radio - Adona & Tolec from this past Friday night, May 19, 2017.
YouTube Posting
May 30, 2017
From our conversation of one week ago with Michael Vara of Late Night in the Midlands. Michael brings such open curiosity, and wonder, to his questions.  It was a great show.  Please enjoy.
YouTube Posting
June 24, 2017
Please enjoy this first - 2017 Women's Light Language Roundtable - conversation.  I/Tolec was the host with guests: Shekina Rose, Anara LightBear and Yvonne Perry. 
YouTube archive posting.
July 6, 2017
Please enjoy this YouTube archive of Tolec, Adona & Cheyene Stone from our Thursday nightJune 29, 2017 conversation with Keith Roberts, MjTom of Ground Control Radio, and "the Viking".
You can listen to the archive of this conversation between Don Daniels of A Cosmic Citizen and me/Tolec of the Andromeda Council on the BlogTalk Radio network by either clicking on the below graphical icon, or the live Tobtr web short-link below. 
Cheyene Stone
July 16, 2017
YouTube Posting
Please enjoy listening to the July 13th conversation among me/Tolec, Adona of StarAncestry, "Viking" of "Galactic Interstellar Council" radio, Jessica, and  William Conrad, as produced by JP of Wolf Spirit Radio, as we discuss the membership, structure, guidelines of the Andromeda Council / Galactic Council; as well as some very serious, philosophical topics regarding how each of us can conduct ourselves during this time of dynamic & difficult challenges.
July 25, 2017
Amazing information & images.
After speaking at Rick Nelson's - Paranormal Research Forum held in Golden, Colorado on Wednesday night, July 19th, where approximately a full house crowd of 200+ people attended [they were packed in against the back wall of the building];  and my own event held in Evergreen, Colorado on Saturday, July 22nd, which was a complete success by all measures [big thanks to everyone who attended both events!];

I was blessed to be able to attend the - "String Cheese Incident " [these guys are amazing musicians] concert on Sunday night, July 23rd, at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado.  And what a venue!

What I didn't expect to see is the below photos I'm sharing with you, essentially what was their large, on stage, round, video screen wall projected for all the 8,200 attendees to see during the concert.

Take a look at just two (2) of these photos, of about 8-9, that I took that evening.  I was astounded at what I saw that I'm showing to you now.  What was pretty much the Andromeda Council emblem... far bigger than life, projected out toward the audience. Interestingly enough, it also looks like a "stargate".  I kept saying to myself, "wow, what are the odds".  Enjoy!
July 27, 2017
For Your Consideration.
Mary Summer Rain, the author of the 1993 book: "Ancient Echoes - The Anasazi Book of Chants", wrote this final piece at the end of her book.

I intuitively opened her book at the last page and found this piece called: "Full Moon Prayer" (for the fulfillment of the Anasazi prophesy). I felt it was worth sharing with all of you.

[from the back cover: "...In this unique book, she has brought forth the beauty and sensitivity of the Anasazi heart by recreating many of the chants used by one Anasazi community called the "Spirit Clan".]  Here below is "Full Moon Prayer".

"We are The People. The Starborn Tribe. Born of the Stars. We are the Protectors of the Wisdom. The Watchers of the Seventh Mesa. The Spirit Clan.​  We are the People.  Born of the Stars.  The Starborn Tribe."
August 8, 2017
Audio archive recording from July 27th conversation with Keith Roberts & Major Tom on Freedom Slips Radio.
Please enjoy our archived conversation, soon to be on YouTube, as we explore a variety of topics relative to the changing nature of this planet, as well as aspects of human connection & consciousness. When it appears, just click on the YouTube link, and it will launch.  
August 26, 2017
"Traveling Through the Stargate" - radio show archive posting.
Below, if you'll click on the graphic for our conversation with Debbie Solaris, or the link below it, it will launch the archive for our conversation with her.  Enjoy! 
In the coming hours - please click on the graphic below, to listen to our YouTube archive conversation, with me/Tolec, Adona & Keith Roberts from Wednesday, August 30, 2017.  It was a truly inspiring discussion.
August 30, 2017
August 30, 2017
September 15, 2017
September 2, 2017
Conversation Archive.
Feel free to click on the below graphic, or the web link below it, for my recent conversation with the very gifted Kim Kicks of "Lessons of the Universal Family" during her Thursday evening, August 31st, 2017 program, on the Galactic U Radio Network.  It was a great conversation.  We discovered and discussed many important topics of this time and found many synchronicities !   Enjoy.
Please click on either the graphic, or web link below, for what was a highly interesting conversation with me & John Polk, author of - "THE BLUE BEINGS - VlSITATION AT THE UFO CONFERENCE", and Sheena Metal of LA Talk Radio during her Tuesday afternoon, September 12th, radio show.  It was a great conversation, we touched on many, many synchronicities.
September 13, 2017
Please join John Polk of Quantum Holograph Matrix, author of - "THE BLUE BEINGS - VlSITATION AT THE UFO CONFERENCE", Adona of StrarAncestry and me/Tolec for what is sure to be another amazing conversation of Earth based & cosmic synchronicities during his Wednesday afternoon, September 13th, radio show from 5: - 7:PM.  This should be another great discussion !
September 10, 2017
Last Friday, September 8th, 2017 I was asked by John Polk, host of Quantum Hologram Matrix, author of - "THE BLUE BEINGS - VlSITATION AT THE UFO CONFERENCE", to join him & Barbara Jean Lindsey of - the Cosmic Oracle radio show.  We had a very enjoyable conversation & touched on the many synchronicities, and the unique energy of life, in this greater Sedona area.  I believe you'll find our conversation insightful, we explored many topics.
The Cosmic Oracle - YouTube Archive.
LA Talk Radio interview.  Archive.
Quantum Holographic Matrix  -  Radio.
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As we move toward this holy day weekend of December 25th, in this year of 2017 ~

I've been reflecting on recent events taking place directly affecting the lives of people who are close to me over the past few months.  

And, during this time period I've also been reminded, as the 'actor', 'manager', 'director', 'producer' and certainly observer of my own life... that many times, when interacting with others, especially those people I care about ~

that when things seem to be 'fixed', comprised or presented in a certain way for specific reasons, in other peoples lives that I may likely not know about, causing this person or that person to act, and/or act out, to be defensive, angry, seemingly misunderstood, or to completely retreat into his or her own 'shell ', in seemingly unexplainable ways...

I am reminded of a few important things.  One, is that we are soul, spirit beings, first... fractals of the totality of our selves, attempting to live and understand organic, Earth human lives.

That even though all of us bring our own unique gifts to this planet, we are, in some ways, until we've done the necessary healing work to release the stuck energy, and resulting patterns, of long held emotional pain in our lives;  we are to some degree, frail emotional beings.

Therefore, I also believe that each of us should be as gentle and understanding as possible with each other... for many times we may likely not know the background, the full context or extent, of what each of us is experiencing in our lives today, at any given moment;

Also, equally important, that each one of us has his or her own unique his-or-her story, the stories of our individual lives, how each of us are raised, how each of us experienced life, early interactions with each other, had unique, defining, family experiences... which resulted in ultimately creating the person we are today.

And, how when those we interact with, today, in the course of our lives... how when they may act, or act out, on the 'surface' ~

it may be in fact reflective of something, or many times somethings, that he or she went through years ago... caused such an indelible,deep emotional impact on his or her 'heart', to the very depth of the core of his or her emotional being...  that those things caused deep emotional damage, trauma and literal, held, internal, energetic pain.

And that as "soul", spirit based energy beings, these kind of experiences  can be especially impactful when the fractal of that human being brought to this current Earth life...  incredible, highly sensitive gifts.

As to responsibility;  I  believe  each  one  of  us  has  not  only  the responsibility, but the obligation, to respect each other to the best of our ability, given all that I've explained above;

And to also take personal responsibility to clear the deep, emotional 'negative' residual energy from those early emotional pains in our lives... in this lifetime, and likely with the help of other gifted healers, clear any deep, 'negative', residual energies from any past lifetimes.

​When we do this,  when  we  take  the  responsibility  to  fully  forgive ourselves, and others, to accept ourselves, and others, though we may not understand them; and we do the inner work necessary to fully heal ~

and, we focus the use of our unique gifts, and personality, to serve each of our life’s purpose, our soul's purpose, then as Gary Zukav would say, "....Authentic power is when the [your] personality comes to serve the energy of the soul.  When your personality is in full balance, you can’t see the difference between the personality and the soul.    When the personality is in full balance, you can not see where the personality is and where the soul begins.  This is the whole human being...  

Our soul has a purpose.  We are a body in a soul, not a soul within a body.  We are here to serve the energy of the [our] soul. 

Beneath the personality of “your roles” in life (occupation, status, worker, parent, student, homemaker etc.) there is energy;  an inner desire;  an inner connection;  your soul...  you can use your personality to elevate, enhance and serve what is your real soul’s purpose. 

 If you can use your “roles” in life to elevate the energy of your true purpose and why you really came, then you become authentically

In closing, for now ~ 

Wouldn't it be great, as we are about to end 2017 and begin 2018;

and as my friend James Gilliland has accurately said, "...There are also unseen negative energies that feed off the pain, suffering, anger, against us - disrupters trying to stop the awakening and healing process.

if we could each forgive ourselves, and each other, on a moment by moment basis, heal from those old current life, or past life, deep inner emotional wounds, take complete responsibility for our own actions and reactions...

even in light of a world which is seemingly coming apart at the 'seams', when so many people are being so devisive and attacking each other; 

might a better way include being kind, and compassionate, with each other in our daily lives, allowing for the unique circumstances that created each life;  and to also self realize, and actualize, our selves by utilizing to the best of our ability  our  own  unique  gifts and skills, living a complete, authentically empowered life, even within the context of an ever fast changing and challenging world... 

might you create for yourself a better, happier version of your life.  Think about it.

Peace, many sacred blessings, to each and every one of you.

Mato Was'tecaka Cantetanka, "Tolec".
Reflection, Introspection, Self Responsibility.
DECEMBER 21, 2017
Clint Culberson of Lords of Consciousness, I/Tolec and Adona of StarAncestry had a very compelling conversation just this past week.  We discussed where we are on the Earth's ascension timeline, the current status of the Light Alliance, the Draco Reptilians and also where we are at in taking down the 'Cabal'.

We gave Clint the parameters for open contact with our galactic community and broached the topic of the evolution of artificial intelligence and our dependency on technology.

Clint said, "...It's a wonderful discussion on where humanity stands in 2018."  Please enjoy this, what was for us, a very thought provoking and fascinating conversation.
Maree Batchelor, MD, was one of my Keynote Speakers for both of my October, 2017, Forster and Tugun Transformational Shift Events   ~  Australia conferences.

To say she was greatly received would be an understatement.  She made such a positive impact and greatly touched the lives & hearts of the many people who attended these two (2) conferences.

In her work, Maree identifies, removes, and heals to the DNA level, those passed down, long held, emotional triggers & energetic interdimensional blocks [including those passed down through family lineage] which can be debilitating for people... which then frees them to live authenticfulfillingjoy filled lives. 

It's highly likely you will appreciate to a deeper level what she said in our conversation of Saturday, February 3rd, 2018.  Enjoy.
February 12, 2018
     NOW PUBLISHED ~   up onto YouTube.
YouTube ~  Archive Post ~ with JP of Wolf Spirit Radio.
JP of Wolf Spirit Radio, on Sunday, February 11th, 2018, I /Tolec and Adona of StarAncestry had a great & dynamic conversation about all the important things that are happening, the changes that are going on, right now, and what's coming  next.  It got pretty deep, especially in the second half.

Thank you to everyone who joined us.  Click on this below graphic, or web link, to listen to the YouTube archive.
Clint Culberson, host & producer of Lords of Consciousness ~ his interview with us is now up on YouTube. Clint, I/Tolec and Adona had, what was for us, an  absolutely  compelling  and and fascinating conversation.   Please enjoy!
February 20, 2018
February 3, 2018
Published on March 24, 2018 ~  this Friday, March 16th conversation with Barbara Jean Lindsey of Cosmic Oracle Radio happened with Adona of StarAncestry -and- me/Tolec for the Andromeda Council.  

Adona addressed the many reasons why she was telepathic from a very young age, the many cosmic contact experiences in her life, and her work today;  I/Tolec reviewed why the many current events taking place in this dynamic pace of change we are living in right now... are happening... based on the destruction of many Reptilian undersea & underground bases... leaving a gap in the power structure of the 'powers that shouldn't be', 'elite' on this planet... and more.  

You might very well find this discussion highly insightful.
Conversation with Barbara Jean Lindsey ~ 
The Cosmic Oracle
Now published onto YouTube
On Friday, March 2, 2018, I/Tolec was honored to host & produce my third annual ~  Women's Light Language Roundtable Conversation.  My guests included: Shakara Tosha {of Sedona}, Lightstar {also from Sedona}, Jan DeSanti {from Colorado} and Sohhah {from Mt. Shasta}.  Each of these woman has unique light language communication gifts, abilities, modalities and practices.   

They touched on the various nuances of what "Light Language" is for each one of them, how they each utilize it, what kind of information & encoding it provides... and how it positively affects so many people.
2018 Light Language Roundtable Conversation
Now published onto YouTube
2018 Women's
Thank you for joining these talented, gifted Sedona 
women as they shared their light language knowledge.

   Lightstar           Shakara Tosha             Shekina Rose
                   Laura Lizak             Jayme Price      

  Thank  you  to  these  highly  gifted,  Sedona light
                         language  practitioners!

  Please click below for the YouTube published link
  to the first portion of this incredible event:
Light Language Council
Interview with Michael Decon
Please enjoy my conversation from Saturday night, April 21, 2018, 8:00PM Pacific time, I/Tolec was interviewed by Michael Decon of END OF DAYS RADIO.

We discussed many aspects of my early contact experiences; and more important, what this time of change really means in terms of the ~ final elimination ~ of the Draco Reptilian lead "Cabal", the Illuminati families that have carried out their orders for years... and what it means for the human race.
A conversation with Mark Kimmel of ~
"Cosmic Paradigm" now published up onto YouTube.
Please enjoy my exploratory conversation with Mark Kimmel [who has had 20+ years of profound, life altering contact with people from the Andromeda Galaxy] regarding his thoughts, and new revelatory information, found in his new book "Cosmic Paradigm".

I believe you'll find this conversation to be...  inspiring.
A recent conversation with Greg Carwood of ~ The Higher Side Chats ~
now published up onto YouTube.
Greg Carlwood, of The Higher Side Chats, and I/Tolec discuss my 1 1/2 year old near death experience (NDE), my earliest contact experiences, the reality of [at one time, now destoyed] Draco Reptilian underground, and Draco [& Hydra, Sirius B & Orion] Reptilian undersea bases, the 10s of 1000s of Reptilian military officers, soldiers and their families, as well as high ranking Illumiati & "Cabal" officials that these bases housed, the removal of all of these, how & why they have controlled Earth humans for so many years, a detailed description of higher dimensional people, how digital currency can allow people to transact business directly from person-to-person with no bank involvement, and more.
Please enjoy Rex Bear of the LEAK PROJECT and I/Tolec from our conversation on June 12th, 2018, as we discussed some very far-out-there topics relevant to the changes happening right now on our planet, Earth.
with Rex Bear.
Please enjoy this interview with Athena 
of SoulSongWhisperer now on YouTube.
Athena of SoulSongWhisperer is helping people all across this country, from all walks of life & from many cultures, to help people with a spiritually guided harmonization to balance their bodies both physically and emotionally.
New interview.  Please enjoy this new conversation, now up on YouTube, with Adona of StarAncestry, and me/Tolec, from this Friday, August 10, 2018.
Please enjoy an in-depth, coming conversation, Tuesday night, September 18, 2018 with  Dr. Maree Bachelor, MD,  from Melbourne, Australia, as we discuss the profound impact & changes she has made on peoples lives, around the globe, as a multidimensional healer.
A pre-conference conversation between Michael Decon and Tolec ~ about these days.
An amazing conversation with Dr. Maree Batchelor, MD, Melbourne, Australia  ~   
a multidimensional healer.
After a long hiatus over the summer months -  Segment 6, The Beginning is Near, of the "M" and "MsM" interview series, DEEP DISCLOSURE:  AN EVOLVING REALITY -  is now available.  Just click below, or on the YouTube link.   Enjoy.
​For those people who've never heard this information before, you can go to this web link, which you can also find on this web site's horizontal tool bar:
reality of the large scale presence, [until only a few years ago], of tens of thousands of Draco Reptilian military officers, soldiers, officials, scientists, engineers, administrators, etc., amassed in expansive, deep underground [and undersea] base complexes located on this planet.
Both ex U.S government, military insiders William Tompkins -and- Corey Goode at approximately the twenty eight (28:00+) minute mark of the just released documentary "Above Majestic" independently confirm the reality of the information I/Tolec have been openly sharing and reporting, in both great & minute details, as I've received it from my Andromeda Council contacts, since autumn 2011 regarding the
You can consider these actions as the unofficial beginning of the collapse of the Cabal power structure on Earth, the year mid-2012, when the last of 15 Reptilian, strategically located, operated undersea bases, heavily camouflaged with holographic imaging, just south east of the State of Delaware, off the coast sitting on the Atlantic Ridge in the Atlantic Ocean, was destroyed.  It was heavily protected, 1,000s of Reptilian officers, high officials & soldiers known at this location. The last of 15 bases. There are no more... operated by Reptilians.

To validate the specific details about this Reptilian Earth presence, and its significant reduction by destruction of their operational bases, please click on these below web page links of this web site, including a very pointed interview with Michael Vara of "Late Night in the Midlands", about this specific topic, inclusive of bases which used to be on the back side of the moon:
Here I provide specific dates & specific base locations regarding their purpose, destruction, maps, numbers of Draco military officers & high ranking officials, ranks of those captured, as well as specific numbers of those sent to military tribunals for Crimes Against Humanity.
To date, I am the only person to ever provide these kinds of specific details.
Now published up onto YouTube my conversation with Shane Robinson of ~ "Unbiased  & On the Fence".
Shane Robinson of "Unbiased & On the Fence" and I/Tolec have a fun, enjoyable discussion about my: 2018 Transformational Shift Events & PlanetsWithin, September, Sedona, Arizona conference regarding the connections we made, a sense of family, community, brother & sisterhood...  and new friendships.  And, we also discussed some aspects of this time of dramatic change we are in, right now.   Enjoy.
A dynamic dialogue on awakening & higher consciousness with three (3) newly awakened people, Jim, Troy & Brooke, now published up onto YouTube. I believe you will enjoy this.
A fascinating conversation with Angie Clark ~ gifted, highly talented, multi-modality health practitioner/healer, now published up onto YouTube.  Also a master teacher, she can help from many, many perspectives.
A pretty amazing conversation was held between Adona of StarAncestry, Cheyene Stone of SoulEvolved and me/Tolec, last night.  It's now published up onto YouTube.

We tackled and discussed at some length:  the true artificiality of our "Moon" [what its purpose has really been and what will happen to it ], the acknowledgement of a "second sun", that we are really part of a binary star system, the sad reality of on-planet and off-planet sex/slave trafficking, the significant increase in the number of people 'waking up', awareness, increased consciousness... and more.

I believe you will find this to be a very insightful conversation.  And, somewhat controversial.  One thing is for sure, change is here.  Just click below.
I/Tolec and Dan Brock, based on much of Dan's research, personal exploration, discovery and knowledge, go into some amazing details and analysis regarding the aspects and differences between purposeful, human generated, Earth based, artificial intelligence "AI";  and, completely offplanet,  machine consciousness - AI.

You should be amazed by what you hear and learn.  Now up on YouTube, just click below.
ANNOUNCEMENT  ~  re: "Trinity".
Now up on YouTube, please enjoy this recent interview and conversation with Trinity, a Sedona, Arizona, heart based, QHHT, and Theta trained, with other multiple healing modalities, Reiki Master... who helps so many clients with her heart based intuitive approach.
May 5, 2019
Adona of StarAncestry, known as "Andromene"  on the Council, as their Director, Head of the Council's sub-commitee on: "Interdimensional Telepathy & Communication - Observation & Advisory Board "  and  me/Tolec  who  is  Head  of  the Council's Earth human relations matters on the Council's: "Joint Earth Council " sub-committee will first  introduce & discuss
Chairman Dakkra, of the Council.  Most important, we will  review  his  life,  who  he really is as a person, what dimension,  star  system and planet he comes  from  in the Andromeda galaxy, the kind family he  grew up in, what his people are like, what is his best area  of expertise, how and why
Expect this to be a new, continuing direction of our activities in the foreseeable future... bringing  the  reality  of these cosmic star people, and the intimacy of their lives on the Council, to life...  in this
important new series.
a best Earth approximation photo]
[actress Charlize Theron,  this is
Please know, Adona & I have discussed this topic at length. And, we both feel it's the best way for us to add value, and make a positive difference, in your lives... since I've taught for 7+ years now about the composition of the Council, its purpose & function, the reality of the long time Draco Reptilian threat, abuse & manipulation of Earth humans, the destruction of their undersea & underground bases, and the removal of 10 of 1,000s of them, dramatic changes in the cosmos, the reality & many aspects of higher dimensional life... and further coming whole scale, dimensional changes to this beautiful planet and its people.
In comparison, in teaching about the star people directly connected to the Council with whom we are in Contact, and the intimacies of their backgrounds, who they are and what motivates them in their daily lives ~ that you might have a better connection with them... as the prospect of very real, Earth based, personal contact with them in the coming near future... is a reality which will unfold for the benefit of Earth humankind.

In closing, many blessings to you all.  We truly hope you enjoy & benefit from this new series we are about to begin.
he  became  Chairman  [in Earth 
a best Earth approximation photo]
[actor Jesse T. Ferguson,  this is
Next month, as the series continues, we will tell the story of:  Vice Chairwoman Tania.
ANNOUNCEMENT.   re:  Chairman Dakkra.
May 17, 2019
As promised, now up on YouTube, please enjoy this recent review, expose', speech and discussion about one of the most prominent and respected leaders, Chairman Dakkra, of the "Andromeda Council", known in deep space as the "Galactic Council" by its various Ambassadors and Diplomats... and his speech to the People of Earth.  

This was hosted & conducted by Adona of StarAncestry and Tolec of the Andromeda Council.   Please enjoy this discussion.  We hope you will find it compelling.
For a complete explanation of the importance and relevance of this discussion, expose & review of Chairman Dakkra speech ~ please read the article directly below this one.  Also, for a complete transcript of his speech, click on this below  .PDF  file:
Thank you.
Next month, June 2017, we will do an expose', have a discussion and hear directly from Vice Chairwoman Tania , another highly regarded member of the Council.
terms] '50,000' years ago, etc.
And he will share those coming things, in the near future, that are MOST IMPORTANT to the People of Planet Earth.
Andromeda, Galactic Council emphatically refutes the existence of an alleged "Commander Swaruu" and its assertion as "Commander in Chief of the "Federation" "for Earth Operations"
October 10, 2019
In regard to this specific situation ~ Tolec and Adona directly responded to the matter of an alleged "Taygetan Pleiadian Galactic Council Federation", and all other directly related matters, as listed above, based on a request to the Council by us, regarding  Alfred Webre, JD, MEd, [Founder of and NewsInsideOut], who has held the critically important roles & responsibilities of:  War Crimes Judge, Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal  member, and 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal member; 

In a ~ "Request of Formal Status Confirmation" ~ we provide a straight forward, comprehensive, yet concise report, a public finding by the Council, with specific cites from five (5) our direct Council member contact people, to the allegations, assertions and misinformation provided by a young woman, Gosia, who was excitedly reporting on channeled, or otherwise, information provided from an alleged "Mission Member Rashell of Temmer" and also an alleged "Commander in Chief of  Federation for Earth Operations - SWARUU [or Swaruu]."

note:  I/Tolec do want to acknowledge that Gosia, herself, is quite accurate, making a valid overall point, in that many Earth People today are not emotionally, or from a spiritual perspective, ready for contact with...  people from the stars.

You can easily read our comprehensive report, our formal response and public finding by the Council, by clicking on this link:
EXOPOLITICS.COM [version]: [version]:
In closing on this matter ~

As Adona & I said to Attorney and Judge Webre in our last correspondence to him:   

"...the Council has always been committed to establishing & ensuring that Earth People know about the Council's composition, its members & constituents, its mission, its activities on Earth and the legitimacy of how it openly functions. This was extensively revealed during many of our early conversations, especially the date & time details of the destruction of specific undersea & underground Draco & Hydra Reptilian bases from 2011 - 2012.

The Council is also committed to a high level of excellence in its work, and especially in terms of how the People of planet Earth rely on the Council's commitment to help, the veracity of its published information, and its reputation as an interdimensional governance and development body.  With the gravitas of these kind of responsibilities, it takes its role and its actions very seriously.

Adona would like to you to specifically know, "...Our job, professionally, is to make sure that the Andromeda [Galactic] Council's commitment to Earth, and its people, is to be clear about our intentions.  That is, that we stick with and stand by our approved joint plans of the Council, and the Galactic Federation, to see to humanity's freedom and that it be[come] a full member under the protection umbrella of the Council."
Updated post:
Original posts:
Andromeda [Galactic] Council emphatically refutes the existence of an alleged "Commander Swaruu" and its assertion as "Commander in Chief" of the "Federation" "for Earth Operations", and also its alleged 'cut-back' or 'pull back' of  '...a sizeable fleet of starships to just one.'

The Council further refutes the existence of an alleged "Mission Member" "Rashell of Temmer" as "Ambassador" of an alleged "High Council of Taygeta";

And, the Council in its research and findings absolutely refutes either party's assertion that they are in any way connected with the Andromeda [Galactic] Council or the Galactic Federation.
And, you can also go to Alfred Webre's web sites and links to read how he has thoroughly and professionally handled this situation:
NEWS STORY ~ Update.
This interview is a continuance of "NEW BEGINNINGS" ~ a new revelatory series about the key Contact People of the Council, the intimate details of lives, their star systems of origin, home planets & people, their passions & dreams, their hopes for Earth Humanity, their work on the Andromeda, Galactic Council primary biosphere, and more.
October 20, 2019
An in-depth expose about Vice-Chairwoman Tania of the Andromeda, Galactic, Council who is originally from the Mirach star system, planet Terial. 
This specific episode is about Vice-Chairwoman Tania, her early life on her home world, her early beginnings as a cosmic Diplomat, then as an Ambassador from her home world;  the invitation for her to join the Council, the reasons why she was asked to be Vice-Chairwoman, her thoughts, hopes & dreams for Earth Humanity.
~ Tolec
The Andromeda [Galactic] Council, its Head of Defense & Security, Nahiska, in collaboration with its management organization, the Galactic Federation;

absolutely confirmconcur and agree, based on specific, thorough, in-depth, technical research by its people & systems, that ~ Alfred Webre, JD, MEd's assertion that certain alleged higher dimensional organizations and "ET" entities [as cited in my/Tolec update October 10, 2019 and original September 26, 2019 reports] is in fact: off planet, deep space, non-organic, sentient, purposeful, repetitive, AI  programming.   Please also see these web links for Alfred Webre's recent brief, and other extensive in depth reports:

And, it is important to note that you as readers understand the distinction that this intense, deep space, sentient, non-organic AI... is in fact, non-organic. Its 'intelligence' of processes, though real, has no organic 'matter' physicality.   It has NO SOUL.   And the alleged "ET" beings it has made up... there are simply no records, ever, of their creation or existence.   NONE

For further clarification, this also means it is an artificial construct, 'computer code', that was originated in deep space by malevolent forces; and, it's simply running its routines & program algorithms, repeatedly, to program people who are interested in, and susceptible to its various messages.___  

And, I can also NOW CONFIRM directly from my Andromeda [Galactic] Council sources that this sentient, non-organic, deep space AI, worst of all...

is being purposefully, directly beamed to Earth-based computers located in deep underground bases, running human operated AI programs, on this planet, still operated & coordinated by Earth humans deeply involved in the Deep State/The Matrix and Illuminati backed 'Powers that Shouldn't Be'... who've been using ET [in this case 'Grey' provided AI technology]...  FOR  MANY, MANY YEARS. 

Why? The 'Deep State' wants to perpetuate negative energy generated infighting among Earth humans.  It distracts us and also causes continual conflict.  AND, it helps the 'Deep State' reinforce their preferred continued agenda of control over a mostly unknowingunaware, programmed Earth human society, for as long as possible.___ 

These activities will be stopped. 
October 18, 2019
This qualified information is about the off planet, non-organic, deep space, sentient AI programming being beamed specifically to Earth and imitating, masquerading as specific higher dimensional organizations and beings. It's purpose:  to program susceptible humans and inflict continued negative energy programming & conflict.  
Andromeda [Galactic] Council findings regarding off planet, non-organic, sentient, deep space generated Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Comprehensive research, assessment, findings, acknowledgement and verification.
Here are the specific details regarding the status of the deep space sentient AI that was purposefully programmed to beam the artificial construct concepts of the alleged ~ 'Commander of Federation for Earth Operations' "SWARUU" or "Swaruu", and "Rashelle of Temmer" allegedly from planet Erra, and their various YouTube casts of some highly inaccurate, fabricated and conflicting information.  ~

In very recent discussions with Adona of StarAncestryaka "Andromene", the Council's Director of its Interdimensional Telepathy & Communication, Observation & Advisory Board, and I/Tolecspeaking with Nahiska, the Andromeda, Galactic, Council's Head of Defense & Security;

he told us about the actions his people took to call-on, within the past few weeks, Council member planets, highly talented people from both the Arcturus and Procyon star systems, to pinpoint this deep space, AI.

Once they found the location of this malpurposed, reprogrammed AI, the Council had to utilize people of multiple disciplines, interdimensional communications, technical systems, 'coding', engineering, defense, security and more.  To terminate and shut down its programming they had to break through what they discovered to be one hundred (100) very intricate, webbed layers of operating systems, and multiple layers of protection protocols, to get to the core of the system that has been generating the actual AI programming.

Nahiska also reported that the beings who most recently reprogrammed this AI system, [not the original producers of the system core eons, millennia ago], but rather for the purpose of specifically beaming the conflicting concepts and erroneous information coming from the AI programming, effectively making up the concepts of "SWARUU' or "Swaruu", "Rashelle of Temmer", and more, that the purposeful AI programming was done by Reptilians from the Sirius B star system;

moreover, that their orders came directly from the remaining few Draco Reptilians, deep underground, yet still at the top of the power & control structure here on planet Earth, doing everything in their power to influence, manipulate and cause considerable disruption, angst and conflict among Earth humans.

Further, Nahiska reported that it will take some considerable 'time', in Earth terms, many, many months to one year to completely disassemble, and cut all of the system interfaces that coordinate and protect the individual 100 different operating systems, which has integral, insulative layers of multiple, redundant, protective protocols for its core.

The finding and dismantling of this currently Reptilian operated, deep space AND coordinated from EARTH, sentient, AI programming will have positive ramifications and effects;  

and, this will, from a positive perspec-tive,  collapse many existing outer time lines not beneficial to Earth humanity's peaceful evolution.   

Also, as a result, when this AI dismantling job is finally complete, Earth people WILL DEFINITELY, approximately a year from now, begin to feel a release, a sense a lightness of being in their lives, in their energy fields & patterns, in their emotions and in their decisions.

It will be a powerful beginning to a number of new initiatives toward the continued peaceful awakening and increased awareness & consciousness of many on this planet. 

All together, a very good outcome for this scenario which as Adona & I/Tolec learned has had far greater consequences, depth, and impact, on the people of Earth, than we originally thought.

Ultimately, the Draco Reptilian threat, still here on planet Earth, will go away someday in our future... when their own frustrations lead them into attempting an outright, overt take-over... after a variety of false flag attempts on their part, fail

We will, in our future, again one day, finally have a completely peaceful planet... one without the meddling of an intrusive, abusive, manipulative, war mongering species... focused on ramping up the negative energies [called by some, "loosh"] in Earth humans for their own Reptilian feeding purposes, power & control.

For in war, no one wins.  Certainly not the diverse species and many cultures of Earth humans... of this beautiful world.

This is our planet. These remaining few meddling Reptilians who have been here thousands of years, they don't belong here.   It is time they leave, once and for all. 

We deserve to live in peace, cooperation and harmony among each other as we evolve to become a peaceful global society, and participant in the greater brother and sisterhood of sentient, compassionate, loving intelligent life forms thriving in the cosmos.   It is our right... and our destiny.  

Many continued blessings to all of you including Gosia of Cosmic Agency.
November 9, 2019
The deep space AI programming was done by Sirius B star system Reptilians - based on directives from the few remaining underground, Earth based Draco  Reptilians.
This is an Andromeda, Galactic, Council status report regarding discovery of a deep space, sentient, non-organic, artificial intelligence (AI) beaming purposeful, fabricated, contradictory programming to influence susceptible Earth humans into conflict and division.
The discovery and ultimate complete termination of this deep space AI, over the course of about a year, will mean deep felt, positive changes for many Earth humans.
Andromeda [Galactic] Council locates, and shutting down, recently discovered, deep space, Reptilian programmed AI.
image for illustrative purposes only
October 10, 2019
November 29, 2019
ANNOUNCEMENT.   Please look for my new YouTube release regarding the most recent:   Cosmic Energy Waves washing over planet Earth.

They are Positive in nature and Life changing, Unsettling in effect, Purposeful in their ability to affect Earth Humans... causing disruption, deep level questioning, doubts & uncertainty... and yet healing at the deepest level, Transmutation and Release of the deepest, human lower vibrational emotions... next level Transformation in Earth Humans....  and more.

I believe you will find it revelatory.  Many blessings to you all.
YouTube link -
November 22, 2019
ANNOUNCEMENT.   Please look for my new YouTube conversation between Mark Kimmel & I/Tolec.   He is such a gracious, gifted man receiving such incredible cosmic knowledge.

We discuss and review some of the exciting new concepts in his newly released, ground breaking book: "Aon ~ Voices of the Nonphysicals".  We discuss topics such as the Collective of Great Overseers, Oversouls, Schematic of Source, Galactic & Planetary Creators gods, the original 12th dimensional Earth and so much more.    Enjoy!
November 20, 2019
I hope you will find  this exploratory conversation enlightening and informative.   Please enjoy it.
ANNOUNCEMENT.   A first time formal conversation with "O" from Australia, of  kiMuni (key-mooney) digital assets, one of the senior members of a team of people responsible for releasing a BEST IN CLASS, transformational collection of literal digital assets, which are also each copyrighted and indexed to real world, precious metals, minerals & other asset classes.
This could be one of the best solutions to the broken fiat [debt] money banking system.  I believe it at least bears in-depth examination & research.
YouTube links -
YouTube link -
Mark Kimmel