A New Awakening

We of the star systems & planets of the Andromeda Council are your  family  &  friends.    We  are  here  to  let  you  know  your planet Earth/Terra and all of your people are about to go through major changes, a major stage of growth,  a  shift-up  in  vibration, called “upliftment”.   It is a completely new vibration, new higher consciousness & awareness, a new existence… for  the first time in your planet’s history.

The totality of this experience for you will be a cleansing, a rebirth, a transformation.  It will include a transition.  Most important, for the people of planet Earth - it will be a new beginning.  Most important to understand, it is simply a natural evolutionary step.

Though  the  process  has  already  begun, somewhat.   Earth  is about to transform in the near future from its current organic, 3D solid  matter form existence in the 3rd dimension… into the higher levels of a 4D crystalline fine essence matter of the fourth dimension/density reality, the vibratory rate one frequency faster than currently on Earth... as Earth's solar system is crosses the galactic equatorial plane zone of the Milky Way galaxy.

Overall, this new area of 4D, fourth dimensional, and higher, space is a place where matter has far less density & weight, an area of much faster & higher frequency energy vibration.  It is also a dimension where time will no longer have a hold on Earth humans.  From a 4D, fourth dimension, perspective - time does not exist.

In addition, this area of fourth dimensional space also has a 'black hole' with highly charged magnetic energies at its core. Earth's solar system and planet Earth will upon entry of this zone encounter the highly charged magnetic energies of this 'black hole' and feel its effects.  Some of your Earth scientists, astrophysicists, call this area you are entering - an interstellar energy cloud, Galactic or Torsion Energy Wave.

The  speeding  up  of  your  solar  system &  its planets including Earth due to the faster & higher frequency energy vibration rate of this area -  their upliftment into the fourth density resulting in continued geophysical events and additional changes to planet Earth - these changes are projected to start by mid-October 2011.

"The more you know
 The more you will trust
 and the less you will fear"

 MEDEWIWIN PRAYER (Ojibway People) 

Time of Transition for Planet Earth
  A Time of Planet wide Earth Changes

The official beginning of the infusion of 4D, fourth dimensional, energy, will begin to affect Earth's solar system on  11.11.11  as it begins to encounter energy from the galactic equatorial plane region - as a universe & galactic wide harmonic frequency will open and affect this whole area of space.

Whether people call this phenomenon as we enter this area a stargate or portal -  this area of faster higher fourth dimensional energy is real.  This historic date of 11.11.11 begins the infusion of 4D dimensional energy onto your planet.  It will affect Earth & its people in a  positive, uplifting way like never before experienced in your planet's history.

2012 - 2016
Please keep in mind these new date references & adjustments are based on the current feedback, in early 2015, from many various star brothers & sisters, including those of the Andromeda Council, of spiritual sentience and 'awareness'.

An upgraded level of higher frequency vibration reached full strength during the time of December 21, 2012 - which brought a completely new vibration, though still 3D - such that the experience & measurement of time as the people of Earth have known it... began to go away.   It continues to go away and will perpetually diminish throughout all of 2012 and up to, we expect, a moment when the higher dimensional transformation of planet Earth will take place.

Why is this relevant?  Please keep in mind that within the higher, fine matter, frequencies, literal "spiritual" densities/dimensions...  "time" as we know it...  does not exist, certainly not the way we experience it.  

Further, I ask each person not to fixate on the date of 2017.  It is simply an estimate, a reference point, based on what has been shared by the people of the Andromeda Council. 

​To continue, geophysical earth changes... earthquakes, volcanoes going off, wave events, these will all continue to happen, inclusive of a rotational shift of the Earth's crust with the present day East/West orientation of the continents moving into their new more North/South orientation. 

There is also expected to be a magnetic pole shift, a reversal, during this time, but will likely not cause any problems for the people of Earth. There is of course likely to be a temporary period of adjustment of Earth's electrical systems, but this is only expected to last a few hours time.  It will not be problematic.  If there are any  difficulties at all, the biospheres of the Andromeda Council stand ready to help and will help.

The 23.5 degree off-axis tilt of the Earth that presently exists should be corrected as well, and will be no longer.  This will mean a much more temperate climate for planet Earth overall.  Think of the whole planet as having a climate much like that of the Mediterranean region.

Yes, planet Earth will likely go through some continued dramatic changes to get to this new higher vibrational existence.  And these events as life changing they will be to both humans and all life on the planet... these changes are normal and necessary for this process.  It  is  about  preparation, cleansing & eventual transformation.   It  is  about evolution. 

During this overall time every living thing from the largest to the smallest will be offered the opportunity to change, to evolve, into the higher levels of 4D, fourth dimensional, life.

Just  like  a  woman's  body  changes, adjusts & expands,  Earth too must go through her uncomfortable adjustments, her labor pains, and the momentary intense pain of child birth.   Earth  too must  adjust  &  prepare  herself  for  this  new beginning, for her new life as a 4th density world... a far more  colorful,  vibrant, &  beautiful  4th  dimensional  world.

These earth changes are expected to settle down throughout remaining later part of this cycle... and based on what we know today, are expected to begin their completion into 2017.

The Moment of Transformation
   2017 - A Possible Transformation Date

Again, based on current feedback from the Andromeda Council, as well as from various other star brothers & sisters, at this moment in Earth history, early 2015, it is now expected planet Earth, her people & virtually all life, will begin her new, upper 4D higher vibrational existence at some point in 2017.  Again, based on what we are hearing in early 2015.

A matter of importance - 

Though this date of 2017 is being provided, please remember, the complete transition and higher density/dimensional transformation process of this solar system, inclusive of planet Earth, is primarily cosmic & planet Earth event-based, as well consciousness & awareness based.  It is not based on any particular time or date.  It is simply about the evolution of this solar system.  The year 2017 is a current best estimate. 

And, the moment of transformation is expected to happen when the level of human sentient consciousness & awareness of spiritual life reaches its highest apex... its peak.  

Please know that when this happens this moment of change to 4D will happen, literally, as  fast  as, in  the  'blink of an eye'.   This change to 4D life will be instantaneous.  There will also be some pockets of 5D, fifth dimensional, vibration, on your new 4D Earth.  But be assured, it will be an even more colorful, far more beautiful reborn place to live as a 4D or 5D world. 

About 4D
Also please keep in mind that 4D, the fourth dimension, is one of a journey inward toward the complete expression of love... love of self and love for each other.  During the course of this evolution toward 4D, toward a life of love, remember to forgive... forgive yourself & forgive others on the way to... opening your heart.

This journey from 3D to 4D can also be expressed as the journey from thousands of years of male/intellectual/logical energy & outward expression focused on the ways of the mind; transitioning to the more gentle expressions of female/giving/intuitive energy focused on... the ways of the heart.  The ways of peace, of giving... of love.

As many sages have said before, as the people of the Andromeda Council have said, "...love is the most powerful force in the universe."
 Upliftment.  This painting is a metaphor for Mother Earth
 birthing a beautiful new world, in a new dimension. 

 Image provided courtesy of Josephine Wall.
Introduction to Contact & Visitation
There are Others in Our Vast Universe
  Who Truly Care about the People of Earth

To assist and prepare all Earth humans to make the step-up, this “upliftment”, in spiritual awareness & consciousness to the 4th dimension as Earth is crossing the galactic equatorial plane -

The Andromeda Council has committed many resources, trained people, ships, counselors, advisors in many areas of expertise, to help Earth people through the various stages of adjustment & growth. They will do this by mentoring, teaching and helping Earth humans to evolve emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially & most important spiritually.

They will remind Earth people of the truth & reality of their own origin as sacred sparks of the Creator / of Creation... as free sovereign souls, free sovereign human beings. ​

They will teach Earth people by example: they will use significant, specific acts of love and kindness, some seen & unseen, for the people of Earth... for their cousins, brothers and sisters on this tiny blue world.

One example of a specific act of kindness is the number of  twelve (12) Andromeda Council biospheres / ships they have committed. These ships will use their combined projected force fields to wrap & envelop planet Earth - to slow the pace of the changes to the planet as much as possible, and to help protect planet Earth, while they also minimize the adjustments, the vibrational cause and effects to this planet during its shift into becoming a 4th dimension world. 

They will share with, and remind, the people of Earth the most important, most powerful creative force in the Universe is:  love

They will quietly visit Earth and introduce themselves, sharing what their lives are like, who they are, how they live, speaking directly with people on this planet from every walk of life. Very much a reintroduction of old friends and family.

To learn about their contact & visitation -

Now that this final undersea Reptilian base has been cleared out, shut down, cleaned-up, and is no longer operable - this final 'policing' action by the people of Procyon of the Andromeda Council has literally cleared the way for the people from the four (4) Andromeda Council planets (Ventra, Nikotae, Toleka & Ritol) to begin their formal planning to visit the people of Earth.  

To read about the "Contact" of these people with the people of the planet Earth, please go to page 3., "Contact" of this web site: www.andromedacouncil.com/Contact.html .

Also, immediately prior to their visitation, please expect to meet an advanced 'good will' & liaison team of:  Ambassador Tanka Wheneh, Diplomat Maka Nahiweh, and Vice-Chairwoman Tania Piekae of the Andromeda Council - who will be sharing with the people of Earth what they can expect to learn over the extended months of their visit, the true origin of humanity on Earth, the nature of the human soul & spirit, the nature of your changing planet, Earth, and what to continue to expect as it becomes a beautiful fourth dimensional world.

To learn more in detail about the global visits of the above three (3) people, please go to the - "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page  -  FAQ - Frequent Questions -  of this web site.
This page updated:  02.11.16
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Final note:   Thank you to all of you who are taking the time to read this web site.  Thanks for your continued - interest, cooperation, help & understanding.
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ANNOUNCEMENT:  On  June  16, 2012  a  White buffalo calf was born in Goshen, Connecticut.    Oglala Lakota People  held a sacred naming ceremony for him on July 28, 2012.  His name is:  Yellow Medicine Dancing Boy.

To learn about the Lakota White Buffalo Calf Prophecy, please click here:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHqVdZmpRgI
People  of  Earth,  you  are  awakening  and  evolving.
So  too  is  your  planet,  she  is  transforming.
Soon  you  will  rediscover  your  true  cosmic  heritage
as  ancestral  children  of  many  human  races  among  the  stars. 

Only  you  can  create  your  future,  open  your  hearts  to  each  other.

As  your  brothers  &  sisters  from  the  stars…  know  that  we  love  you.
We  are  all  one.

                                                                        - Maka Nahiweh
                                                                        Planet Dakote                                                                          Diplomat to North America
                                                                        Andromeda Council
A New Beginning -  4D Earth
  A Truly Beautiful Reborn Planet Earth
    New Life as Higher Dimensional Humans  

Once Earth is vibrating in the upper levels of the fourth dimension, Earth's remaining sentient inhabitants, including all humans, will be forever changed. The moment of change to 4D human life will happen in the 'blink of an eye', that fast.  Once changed, people will manifest a variety of natural, multi-sensory abilities as never before experienced in Earth's history. These new abilities include: telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, and levitation. For all of transformed humanity - human consciousness, human life, will make a quantum leap in evolution.

Humans finally experience and learn first hand about the truth & reality of their own soul, about their true spiritual birth essence & origin. 4D humanity experiences a true spiritual life - complete self awareness and cognition, total memory recall, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience & greater natural harmony with others.

This will include a complete transformation of your solar system. A complete transformation of the human race on planet Earth. You will now have crystalline bodies, healthy, light filled with virtually eternal life spans. And a beautiful way of living like you have never imagined.

This time in Earth’s history will begin what many have described as a new age of enlightenment, literal spiritual awareness, living, being & consciousness, an age of true human renewal...

back to the origins of what the human race was meant to become.  And;

People of planet Earth, you will determine your own destiny, you will make your own conscious choices... you will determine your future.   No one else.

But the difference is, with this evolutionary change, from this time forward, people of planet Earth, now a fourth dimensional race, you will no longer be alone.  

You will now finally truly be reconnected with your brothers, sisters and cousins across the stars in this vast universe full of sentient, intelligent life.  Truly a family & community of intergalactic life.

As you can imagine, it will be more fun for you to reconnect with family you haven't seen in a while. It should make this particular reconnection with your relatives... a once in a 'lifetime' experience, and a new beginning, as you on planet Earth start a whole new & enlightened chapter in your planet's history. 

Welcome to the greater family of humanity thriving across the universe.  Mitakuye Oyas'in.  All My Relations.  We Are All Related.  We Are All One.
Visiting Four (4) Races of the Andromeda Council

Please click on the below link for the detailed report - 

which is a complete description of the four (4) ET races [Ventra, Nikotae, Toleka & Ritol], aligned member planets of the Andromeda Council, who will be making & having continual ongoing, open contact... very informally visiting with the private citizens, the people of this beautiful planet, Earth.

Below is an artistic representation of the 4 member races created & provided by Elena Kapulnik of - Messages of a Star Traveler.  She can be found at: 

Love, trust, faith, hope, kindness, compassion, heart.   You  are  incredible beings  of  light,  strength  &  beauty.   Earth  people, you  already  have everything  you  need  to  change  your  world.   You.

Just follow your hearts.

                                                           - Tania Piekae
                                                           Planet Terial
                                                           Vice-Chairwoman, Diplomat
                                                           Andromeda Council 
Migration Story of the Dakote Oyate

To learn the migration story of the Dakote people to planet Earth from the Taygeta star system in the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, their place of origin... the story of the Wicahpi Oyate... Tunkasilas... Wicahpi Hukas...  the people who became the Dakota, Lakota, Nakota & many other Native People of Grandmother & Turtle Island, please go to:


A free written transcript available for download can be found in - "Written News Reports & Interview Transcripts" on the upper left hand side of the Archived Interviews page of this web site. 

Wakan Wocekiye - for all of the Dakota, Lakota and other indigenous people who's hearts I hope this will touch, please watch & listen to: "Wakan Wocekiye - A Sacred Prayer"  at this YouTube link: 


"To be Dakota means to walk in peace and harmony with every living thing.  That is our way"

Mitakuye Oyas'in.   All My Relations.  We Are All Related.  We are All One.  Wodakote/Wodakota/Wolakota, misukalas ki  & mitaksis ki.  Peace, my brothers and sisters.

Wodakota/Wolakota [definition] - "...harmony, a condition of being at peace with oneself and in harmony with one another and with nature", and "a condition of lifestyle patterned after the natural order of nature." -  provided by Ed Red Owl / HinHan Duta.
Notice:  Please  enjoy  Tolec  commentary, "A Way to Calm & Inner Peace" - at these YouTube links:
En  Español:   http://youtu.be/inPRT271pBs
Please find -   independently produced -  Andromeda Council videos, done in a variety of many, languages, courtesy of:  "Time Wanderer"  

Article:   To read the original text of this article written by Tolec:
 "The Hard Reality and a Difficult Truth" - please click here.
"A Way to Calm & Inner Peace"

Go out into nature, quiet your mind, live from your heart, bring as much joy & love as possible into your life & into the lives of those you touch... and know you will awaken in joy to a beautiful new world.
Earth people, you are all children of the stars… as are we.

You are evolving as we also continue to evolve. Some of you are our great, great, great grandchildren. We are your wicahpi oyate, your star ancestors.

Whatever your heritage, just understand, we are all related. Why? Because we are all made of the same life force essence as the stars, energy and
light, born of the great mystery, Wakan Tanka.  

Mitakuye Oyas’in, my children, We are all One.” 

                                                                            - Tanka Wheneh
                                                                            Planet Dakote
                                                                            Ambassador to Earth
                                                                            Andromeda Council
Elena Kapulnik
From  the  three (3)  Diplomatic  Representatives  of  the Andromeda Council -  
Tolec, Mato Was'tecaka Cantetanka, Tolec plays self composed songs on High Spirits, Cedar, Native American flutes, F# & Bass C Condor:

To listen to Native American - flute song - click on this link:  Wakan Icimani Tiyatani

To listen to  Native American - flute song - click on this link: "Dakote".

To listen to Native American - flute song - click on this link: "Kaehalei".
Josephine Wall
Please click  here   for  Tolec   archived   I n l 
I n s.   This is the web page where I have archived all of the international interviews in which I participated.  I anticipate more are coming in the near future, including  more  live,  conference,  speaking engagements.   Thank you.
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Andromeda Council - YouTube Channel.

You can find the Andromeda Council - YouTube channel - with many of the Tolec interviews & self produced videos at:

Wodakota Foundation.

For those of you who would like to donate to a very worthy cause, to a people in great need, the indigenous People of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota, specifically the children and youth of these noble People - 

you can donate directly to the Wodakota Foundation by clicking on the below link.  This link will take you directly to the Wodakota Foundation - "Gifts of the Heart" - web page: 
To read about the overall focus and goals of this organization founded by - Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the 19th generation keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle who holds the responsibility of  being
the spiritual leader among the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota People -  please click on this web link:


Pilamaya yelo.  Wopila.   Wodakote.
​You can read about the upcoming conference:  "Inspiring Our Power Within - Balancing Male & Female Energies", at the below web link, to  be  held  in Tucson, Arizona,  this coming  April 2nd  & 3rd, 2016.  Please click on the link below to learn more about this conference. 


Diane Gleason the Pima County, Tucson Sector, Director for ​MUFONRonald Farnham, author, screenwriter, director and producer of the movie "Hollywood & Vine", the story of a female messiah who saves the world from WWIII, Sherie Kennedy from Sedona a  minister of Ancient Ways, a metaphysician, teacher, counselor and author of "A TOOL BOOK:  Assisting Conscious Awareness", and other very talented people will be speaking at this conference.

Expect it to be an illuminating, consciousness raising event.  

Please join us!
"Inspiring Our Power Within -  Balancing Male & Female Energies Conference".
January 18, 2016
Now up on YouTube  -
January 15, 2016
​The Thursday January 14, 2016 "Reach for It Radio Show" conversation with Tolec and Christina Calisto Winslow is now up on YouTube at this following web link:


Ronald Farnham, author, screenwriter, director and movie producer, added as a speaker to this exciting conference.
​Ronald Farnham, author, screenwriter, director and producer of the movie "Hollywood & Vine", the story of a female messiah who saves the world from WWIII, has been added as one of the keynote speakers for this conference.

He has been involved in the making of the 2012 movie "The Message"  and the 2010 film "One in Seven Million".

Mr. Farnham is a former 13 year intelligence analyst for the Department of Defense. 

He has authored the books, "The Second Coming of the Messiah.  Book 1: The Awakening" and "How to Write a Screenplay in 30 days or Less".
Many people have asked me/Tolec about a dwarf star with an extensive debris trail heading toward our solar system in the near future.

My own contacts with the Andromeda Council, in this instance lead by Andromene, including their scientists, have said that yes, there is a dwarf star system with an extensive debris field headed toward our solar system... in the direction of Earth.

Now also please know, this dwarf star system, this incoming dwarf star - IS NOT - Nibiru.   Nibiru passed over this solar system back in March 2012.

The formal designation for this incoming dwarf star system is called by the Andromeda Council scientists: X-1204-1X.   It is a designation not a name.

Further, this incoming dwarf star system will not have a close brush with planet Earth.

Though, Earth may experience some trembling, tremors, due to the contained magnetic forces that will be exerted during its passing.

And yes, people may be able to take great notice of it, and the trail of debris that it has, as it passes by our planet.

This dwarf star actually has a few pieces of debris in front of it.  Though much its quite large, extensive debris field trails in back of it as it heads our way.

Now -

the scientists of the Andromeda Council have told me, and shown me, they will use technology from their engineering & science biospheres to envelope and wrap this dwarf star & its debris inside of an energy field, an energy 'bubble' or you might say energy 'net' all around these traveling cosmic bodies. 

There will be two (2) Andromeda Council biospheres, one in front, and one trailing in back, to buffer and contain the dwarf star & its total debris field... and safely lead all of it 'through' our solar system, until it is out of our solar system, onward onto its existing course.

And, by creating this energy bubble, this energetic safety net, around the dwarf star and its debris field while not changing its course... this action, as a result, will not endanger our sun, nor any other star systems the dwarf star might encounter on its continuing travels through space.

These same Andromeda Council scientists also assured me they would, and will, do the same thing again regarding this large cosmic body, its debris field, and any other if necessary, again in our future.   This is all part of the continued protection of this planet.

Therefore, in closing, expect that no significant debris will hit Earth, or cause any major problems, for this planet, or any other planets in our solar system.
February 1, 2016
News brief. 
Regarding incoming dwarf star system.
Connie & Jorge Zafra, based in Sedona, Arizona, are joining the - "Inspiring Our Power Within: Balancing of Male & Female Energies" conference, dates April 2nd & 3rd, 2016  in  Tucson, Arizona.

www.inspiringourpowerwithin.com    [see full write-up below]

Together, they are the co-founders of Divinity for Life. 

Connie and Jorge work closely with the angelic and heavenly realms. They combine their female and male energies, and professional backgrounds, to help people heal.

Connie is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She obtains angelic guidance to be able to pinpoint the root cause of her clients’ health issues, a lot of times undetected by practitioners, and using guided health analysis and detailed precise holistic protocols she helps people to overcome different health issues; and restores their overall health in a matter or months or even weeks.

Jorge is considered a conduit of Pure Source energy.  He has performed hundreds of 'healings' on people and animals with different health issues, such as chronic pain, down syndrome, fibromyalgia, brain damage, cancer and many more.

note:  I/Tolec am withdrawing from speaking at this specific conference due to an important, immediate, pressing family matter. 
February 4, 2016
Jorge & Connie Zafra of Divinity for Life joining as speakers for the  - "Inspiring Our Power Within - Balancing of Male & Female Energies Conference". 
February 10, 2016
Amazing news story.
Galaxies hidden behind the Milky Way.
by Camille M. Carlisle.

Astronomers have detected hundreds of galaxies lying hidden behind our galaxy's disk, many of which belong to the so-called Great Attractor.

You can read this complete story at:  

February 10, 2016
Clarification regarding ret. Command Sgt. Major Robert O. Dean and his reported alleged passing.
I can tell you, as of approximately 12:30PM MST, today, Wednesday, February 10, 2016,  that my friend, retired Command Sgt. Major Bob Dean, though is feeling all of his 86+ years - 

according to his wife Marcia Shaefer, and another very good mutual friend also in Arizona, Jim Nichols,  that contrary to a report, a rumor,  about Bob's passing -

Bob Dean is still very much alive.

It is important to note - Jim Nichols, in his correspondence with Bob's wife Marcia, Marcia assured him that when the time comes someday when Bob does pass - family members will be notified first.  And then she will post a formal announcement. 

Please know, though the initial report was an incorrect rumor, the outpouring of concern and affection for Bob yesterday was genuine and shows how dear his life still is to all of us.
YouTube version of this report:    https://youtu.be/W123bBt4Y9E
For the YouTube version of this announcement click here: