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Andromeda Council:  Undersea Reptilian Base Destroyed -
5.1 Quake Nicobar Islands - South East Bay of Bengal area

YouTube [production by Tolec]:


Andromeda Council:  Comet 17P Holmes as prelude to 4th dimensional Earth 

Exopolitics TV interview [YouTube]:


Andromeda Council:  6.9 quake - Undersea Reptilian Base Destroyed - East China Sea

Exopolitics TV interview [YouTube]:


5.0 Gulf of Aden quake:  Andromeda Council sonic beam destroys reptilian base

Exopolitics TV interview [YouTube]:


Andromeda Council:  Removing Reptilian undersea bases from the Middle East & China

Exopolitics TV interview [YouTube]:


Andromeda Council:    The  facts  about  life  as  a  4th
dimensional human

Exopolitics TV Interview [YouTube]:


Andromeda Council:    Transformation  to  a   4th
 Dimensional Earth Life  [Molecular & Cellular Change]

Exopolitics TV Interview [YouTube]:


Andromeda  Council  Update  on  Elenin,  [Tekoma] the
brown dwarf, Nibiru, earth changes, 4D Earth

Exopolitics TV Interview [YouTube]:

Part I

Part II


ET Council: War with grey-Draco Reptilian ETs is won, 
no false flag ET invasion

Exopolitics TV Interview [YouTube]:


Andromeda Council Articles & Interviews [all news stories] with leading futurist thinker, founding 'father' of Exopolitics, Alfred Lambremont Webre, please go to:
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Interview 5:
April 28, 2012
Tolec reveals Reptilian agenda - Catastrophe, Milky Way Galaxy, Year 2370.   Averted due to Andromeda Council intervention

Interview 4:
March 26, 2012
Tolec brief on clearing out final Reptilian undersea base

Interview 3:
February 27, 2012
Tolec on migration of Dakote People to planet Earth

Interview 2:
January 8, 2012
Jim Nichols & Tolec - Part II

Interview 1:
December 11, 2011
Jim Nichols & Tolec - Part I
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Andromeda Council - Biospheres
Reptilian Agenda - Milky Way Galaxy Catastrophe, Year 2370
Creativity, the Arts & Music in 4D Human Life
Transformation 2012
Visiting four (4) Races of the Andromeda Council
Reptilian Undersea Base Destroyed - 5.1 Quake Nicobar Islands
The Greek Gods - the Titans & Olympians. 
  Their Star Origin Story & the People of Ancient Greece
Migration Story of Dakote People to Planet Earth
​Reptilian Undersea Base Destroyed - 6.9 Quake East China Sea
Reptilian Undersea Base Destroyed - 5.0 Quake Gulf of Aden
Removing Undersea Bases from Middle East & China
Andromeda Council - Setting the Record Straight
  l  newly updated version provided:  04.26.12   l
[about the Galactic Federation of Light (GFOL /GFL) compared to 
 the original Galactic Federation from the Tau Ceti star system]
Facts About Life as a 4th Dimensional Human
Molecular & Cellular Transformation to a 4D Earth Life
Elenin, Tekoma (a brown dwarf), Nibiru
ET Council: War with Grey-Draco Reptilian ETs is Won
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January 15, 2012

Interview 1:
Answering a wide variety of assorted questions on humanity's cosmic transformation, Tekoma, Nihohia & Nibiru's present status, and 'what's next'

Interview 2: 

The unedited story of the migration of the Dakote People to planet Earth over 100,000 years ago and how they came to be the - Dakota, Lakota & Natoka People. Mitakyue Oyasin.  We are All Related.   We are All One.

To listen to the interviews with Chris & Sheree of  Truth Frequency Radio, with Tolec, please go to:

January 21, 2012

Short version:  intro by Chris & Sheree, plus first Tolec hour

Long Version:  second two hours with Tolec, includes some callers & Tolec answering their questions.

note:  both versions focus on the easy things we can do as people to better prepare for our on-going evolution & trans-formation - into becoming more keenly awake, aware, conscious... higher level, 4th dimensional beings.

March 29, 2012

May 17, 2013

​To listen to this Tolec interview with Chris & Sheree of Truth Frequency Radio, and Mark Kimmel in the last 20 minutes, please click here: 

To listen to conversations with James Gilliland of ECETI ranch, and Tolec, please go to:

March 2012

The above show was really just a 'catch up ' session between the two of us. There are so many similarities in what each of us have learned over time & continue to learn, it was a good experience to just kind of compare notes. We did discuss some of the ways people can make this challenging transition period we are in... a little easier, especially in terms of what to pay attention to, and what not to pay attention to.

January 2012

The focus of this show was about how people can easily get into better touch with who they are, by spending time in nature, and going within, to create the conditions to naturally quiet 'the mind'... and listen to the wisdom that is inside each & every one of us. This process will provide each of us with a 'bridge' to the answers we all seek. It is especially important during this time of transition we live in.

{note: it will be far easier & faster to download both these shows to your computer and listen to them in your leisure time.}

To listen to the interview with Robert Stanley of Unicus Radio Hour and Alio of the Project New Paradigm, and Tolec in the second hour of this show, please go to:

January 27, 2012

The focus of this 2nd hour segment was on the intent & outcome of positive thinking, why faster manifestation is happening at this time, the effects of increasing fourth 4D dimensional energy, the value of forming new regional councils & a new Joint Earth Council, as a new dimensional Earth comes into being.
Interviews:  To listen to the two (2) Dr. Joseph Marra interviews with Tolec -  

May 13th, 2012 Tolec, Andromeda Council, session, 'Part B' of the interview series with Dr. Joseph Marra from A Guiding Lite. We discussed 'healing' from an emotional perspective as a key integral piece to becoming spiritually aware, and achieving an emotionally healthy, happy, self-empowered, guilt free, fear free, and fearless life:  

The May 6th, 2012.   Tolec, Andromeda Council, interview with Dr. Joseph Marra of  A Guiding Lite  link can be found at: . We discuss the  failing global banking system, the problems with healthcare today & the pharmaceutical industry, and what healing modalities will be like once we are 4D, higher dimensional human beings.
A Critique:  07.29.12   A critique, discussion & review by Tolec, and Chris & Sheree of Truth Frequency Radio, regarding a July 27, 2012 breaking news story & 'transcript' of the "...PLEIADIAN HIGH COUNCIL" "...WITH FOUR OTHER GALACTIC COUNCILS", including the Galactic Federation of Light (GFOL), and their plans to, "... MAKE FULL CONTACT WITH EARTH BEINGS IN EIGHT DAYS FROM THIS TRANSMISSION ON AUGUST 4, 2012 AT THE WORLD OLYMPIC GAMES IN LONDON ENGLAND FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE!"

We ask the questions - what is this really all about, do these statements & more from this news story, and 'transcript', make sense, are they plausible, do they come from a good loving place, what is their true intent & they empower people?  I believe these are all fair, reasonable & valid questions to ask.  

Click here for the commercial free YouTube link, Andromeda Council video, for this discussion.
Andromedan Perspective II:   06.16.2012. You can find this conversation between  Mark Kimmel of  the Andromedans & the  Institute of Light, and  Tolec  with  the Andromeda Council   at  YouTube  link:  We discuss continuing changes to  planet Earth, December 21, 2012, higher dimensional beings & extraterrestrials, the role of "Caretakers", raising our vibrations,  an update  regarding pending visits  of those from Andromeda... as we all prepare for the evolutionary transformation this planet is experiencing, and will continue to experience, as  Earth  becomes a higher dimensional world. This talk is detailed, concise, highly informative.
Special interview:  06.14.12  with Wolf Spirit Radio  -  Dave Corso, Tom Hughes, Lyle and Gerald White Horse Standing, and Tolec.   Find  it  easily  at  the  YouTube  link:

We discuss who we are, the choices we can make to evolve, to become self-aware, self-empowered, to be fearless every day, to be out in, pay attention to & learn from nature, to quiet our minds, to raise our vibrations, to trust our path & our decisions every step of the way. Each one of us has these natural capabilities.  Enjoy.
Discussion - "Collective Imagination".  06.06.12   For the Andromeda Council  YouTube  channel link for  the "Collective Imagination" discussion,  how we can make & affect positive changes in our lives toward becoming  higher dimensional humans, with Mark Kimmel, Dr. Joseph Marra & Tolec,  with  Lisa Harrison   of Oculus Radio moderating, please go to:
Detailed Report:   5.31.12  The twelve (12) Andromeda Council Biospheres.    The Andromeda Council - link for the Tolec interview with Tim Bravo of "Extraordinary Year"   reviewing the details of the twelve (12) Andromeda Council biospheres, including the six (6)  hospital biospheres, can be found at the  YouTube channel:  

Germany version located here:

The written report, "Andromeda Council - Biospheres" is posted on the "Archived Interviews" section, see above, left hand side.
Special News Report:   05.26.12    Please find here the  YouTube link:  for this breaking special news report - interview  - with Tanaath of the  multi-layered realm  Silver Legion  regarding a recent successful Silver Legion combined special operation in deep outer space.  The focus of this stealth special 'op was to take out & destroy a Draco Reptilian cube transmitter  & prison ship, while also destroying 70 Reptilian dreadnaught ships in the process, and capturing 1.  It is an amazing report.  You can also find this link on the Silver Legion web site.
News Story:   05.25.12  The YouTube  web link  of the Tolec segment on "Disclosure",  and the dismantling of the Reptilian side of the 'Cabal' / 'Illuminatii' power structure, including their highest officials & military officers, from this  Friday evening's  May 25, 2012   Cosmic Vision News  weekly report - can be found at: 

To listen to the complete weekly news report by Geoffrey West from - Cosmic Vision News - including the Tolec segment on the topic of "Disclosure", and the Reptilian 'Cabal'/ 'Illuminati' dismantling, it can be found at:
News StoryApril 28, 2012. Reptilian Agenda Thwarted.   For the unprecedented,   ground breaking  Tolec, Andromeda Council, interview  with Mark Snider of  Ohio Exopolitics, regarding the long standing  Reptilian agenda  for  the entire Milky Way galaxy & all of its human populated planets, to understand the 'bigger picture' of the catastrophic future reptilians had planned for us,  please go to: .  

Written transcript  for this news story, "Reptilian Agenda - Milky Way Galaxy Catastrophe, Year 2370"  can be found in the "Written News Reports & Interview Transcripts" section on the Archived Interviews page of this web site.
News Story:   Procyon Lead AC 'Delta Team' Strike Force Takes & Clears Out Last Reptilian Undersea Base.
2,000 Reptilian 'Cabal'/'Illuminati' Officials & Military Officers Captured and Taken Prisoner. 

Please listen to new archive from the live Tolec interview with Tim Bravo of the radio show   Extraordinary Year  from  ThursdayApril 5th, 2012.   This is a  landmark, 'watershed moment', news story & radio show.  Tolec reports on the overall,  in-depth  details  of what was found during the taking & "clearing out" of the final Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea base - as the Draco & Hydra Reptilian lead 'Cabal' & 'Illuminati' malevolent power structure is being defeated, and dismantled.  Please also see the  ** FOR ALL OF THE PEOPLE FOLLOWING THE DAVID WILCOCK & BENJAMIN FULFORD REPORTS ** statement, this web site,  top of Frequenctly Asked Questions (FAQ) page. You can find this recent landmark interview on the web at 

note:  please see directly related "Silver Legion - Special Report"  on the Cosmic Alliance Partnrs page of this web site.

September 5, 2012

Regarding the YouTube entity – “Conservitusprime”, aka, “Shara Rade”, aka “Shara Dell” –

I believe that all of you who have listened to me over time know that I do not speak ‘lightly’, and I do not approach or speak about a topic… unless it is highly important, including this announcement.

Two weeks ago on August 20th this man, "Conservitusprime", produced a video called “The Dark Hypothesis” where he postulated, among other things, the Andromeda Council, and others, may in fact be here to con, entrap people of Earth & take us over. He defended his video as a "what if" scenario and a brilliant strategy.  This is when he openly began his public attack on the name & credibility of the Andromeda Council.

In a completely separate matter, on August 21st, I wrote and published my article: “The Hard Truth and a Difficult Realty”.  I’ve learned from my Andromeda Council sources this article I wrote in fact spurred on this man’s stepped up attack of me & the Andromeda Council when on August 25th he released a second video titled, “I officially part ways with Tolec and the Andromeda Council”… only 4 days after I released the news story about the reality of Reptilians & Reptilian/Human hybrids in our society; 

as is consistent with the ways I have learned information from my Andromeda Council contacts, I've also learned from them that:

up until this point "Conservitusprime" has been a ‘sleeper’, a literal unawakened high level Reptilian ‘Cabal’ agent. Reptilian ‘Cabal’ higher ups have so far only reached him at a subtle communication level.  However, he is being triggered and is starting to awaken.

And worse, Matt Sabin is a science high school teacher in greater metro Atlanta, Georgia, in Roswell, influencing & teaching your children on a daily basis.

He has already broken my trust by twisting my words, and by revealing sensitive information that I mistakenly shared with him in confidence a couple of months ago, information that can now possibly endanger the life of a friend of mine, Alfred Webre, and the lives of my family members.  I will not tolerate this, nor will I sit idly by.   Shining a light on this man, exposing him, revealing his true nature, I believe, is the best way to ward against his coming public attacks on me.  

He is also about to begin another attack to discredit me, to go after me personally, and to attempt to further discredit the work of the Andromeda Council.  Again, I will not tolerate this, nor will I sit idly by while he does this.   As you can see, this is very serious.

Know that I've already received multiple deaths threats since beginning this Tolec work, and I received a very serious one as recently as early July.  Therefore;

in closing, should you choose to listen to anything this man has to say, please be very careful.  As with anything you are exposed to in life, continue to use the totality of you, your heart, mind & soul... and most of all the filter of love to discern which information is right & good for you, or not.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for caring.

Andromeda Council
Announcement update: 


FINAL THOUGHTS ABOUT "Conservitusprime".
September 10, 2012

Thank you so much for your understanding, kindness, love and support coming in from so many of you from around the globe.  I’m touched and really blessed.  It has been amazing.

There are many people around the world who have written recently in support of me & all of the work I've done... even throughout this challenging situation with this man, Matt Sabin of Dunwoody, Georgia, known by his YouTube channel name of: "Conservitusprime". 

And to know that he would so single mindedly continue to focus his energies in a rigorous 'character assassination' attempt on me, to discredit my work with the Andromeda Council, all that I’ve openly & freely shared with people;

at the same time whose actions are putting my family, its good name and our lives in danger;

It is sad, very sad.  And unfortunately, there is far more behind the scenes that this man has done, and said, that the public doesn’t know about, all in his concentrated energies & effort to dishonor my name & my work as an intermediary with the Andromeda Council… and for the people of Earth.   A very sad thing indeed.

And he is proceeding... exactly... as I said he would in the below "Announcement" that I wrote on September 5th.   It is almost surreal to watch it unfold.

In closing, however this man’s life evolves, I hope he is able to someday find peace, contentment & kindness in his heart & soul.

Wodakote.  Peace, and love to all of you.

Andromeda Council
March 30, 2012

To listen to the interview with Antara, Heather & Sandra of Earth Frequency Radio, and Tolec discussing many details of what life is like for 4th dimensional humans, and what we on Earth will experience as we begin the evolution toward that new life, please go to:
News Story:  Tolec on asteroid 2012 QG42 - Near Earth Fly-by.   A "Cosmic event?"

09.12.12.  "Tolec speaks about incoming asteroid 2012 QG42... a Cosmic event?" To read about the parallels Tolec draws in his letter about incoming asteroid 2012 QG42, and Alfred Lambremont Webre's, Exopolitics, written report & correlation of historically relevant insight about how the knowledge of "asteroids" might be used, click the link below.

For Nasa's - JPL - 2012 QG42 link: QG42&orb=1or Nasa's - JPL - 2012 QG42 link: QG42&orb=1
Archived News Stories / Interviews below.....
You can now find on YouTube:

​For the YouTube link to the complete Tolec 2 1/2 hour 'round table' discussion​​ with JP of Ever Beyond & Wolf Spirit Radio, Rebecca Jernigan and Tom Hughes, please click on this link -​

For the Tolec interview & story of the emigration of an expeditionary group of Vice-Chairwoman Tania's people, from the Mirach star system & her home planet Terial, to planet Earth, in Scandinavia, some 6,000 years ago at:
"December 21, 2012 - What will happen"
*** Press Release: 09.09.13. Please find this follow-up, special Sept 9th interview of Tolec with JP of Ever Beyond & Wolf Spirit Radio:

** Announcement:  09.07.13.  Regarding the alleged - "Comet Ison"- to watch a new, detailed, Tolec YouTube video regarding this topic, please go to:

Again, it is not a comet.  This is a large scale ship, a biosphere, named Xanterexx, its abbreviated name.  This ship is one of a few ships primarily & specifically used for visitation to worlds... where first contact is about to be established.

09.29.13​ Please find this Tolec video titled: "Andromeda Council - Preliminary Visitation Report".  Many details are addressed.  It should prove to be both informative & insightful... and could shape the future of this planet.

You can find it at:

With Italian sub-titles:

Please find this Tolec video:  "Andromeda Council confirms - ships [docked in space] on back side of Moon".  This is an Andromeda Council confirmation of a recent 10.20.2013 report by YouTube channel - "secureteam10" of "L" shaped ships alleged to be docked on the back side of Earth's Moon.

You can find it at:
April 5, 2012
Biosphere Xanterexx & 2 large scale Procyon star ships from the planet Kaena accompanying it -
a status update:

12.10.13.    [see bottom of this status update for new information]
​No matter what any entity has attempted to do, including what a recent, "Illuminati" directed, Earth authorized, Moon based operation did in its failed attempt to destroy the biosphere Xanterexx {diameter: 300 miles} & the 2 ships accompanying it, with absolutely no cause & effect, no damage whatsoever...

the biosphere Xanterrex & the 2 ships accompanying it, and more - they are still completely functional, on their way here... planned for arrival into very high orbit over Earth sometime in our near future.  This planet and its people are in for some amazing, fantastic experiences like never before in its modern history.  It will be positive & life changing.

Concise.  Straight forward.  Direct.  Uncomplicated information.

Please click on the below link for independent 'confirmation' of the report I provided in my above status update on the biosphere Xanterexx & its accompanying ships.  Make close attention to what is written on pages 7, 8, 9, 10 & forward... to the end of this document.  

As I have said before, especially relative to this issue, "... things are not always as they seem."   Thank you.
12.13.13    A new independent 'confirmation' of higher dimensional people with the Andromeda Council... & who are from the planet Dakote.

To listen to these relevant parts - pick up this interview - "The Long Conversation", Dec.4/5, 2013 - by Chris Hales with John Allen & Thomas Hughes - at the 153 minute mark:
01.06.14.   For  a new major potential 'confirmation' of the "comet Ison" truly being a number of ET spacecraft led by the biosphere Xanterexx,  please see the below link -

01.12.14.  For a synchronistic update of the energy placement, movement, cause & effects of what is happening to this planet during this era of dramatic change...  including the degradation of "time"... as this beautiful planet moves toward its transformation into becoming a higher dimensional world - please check out this new production by - GOD CODE MATRIX of 188:;)
Another indicator of the coming dimensional shift:

01.13.14.  A number of you have asked about a very large 'sphere', a "ball of energy", recently discovered near the Sun, looking like nothing we have ever seen before.  Here is the video you have all referenced:

This is what I have learned about it:   a.)  it is a sphere of higher dimensional energy    b.)  this sphere is a being... a sentient, intelligent life force  c.) this life form comes from Menkent in the Centaurus constellation - in the southern hemisphere [you can research this location using "Stellarium" star chart software]  d.) it is a truly magnificent being whose life force is from 'beyond' the 13th dimension of life   e.) the specific purpose for this being to come here is to assist our solar system, including planet Earth, with the dimensional upward shift & transformation of this world... into that of the next faster/higher frequency/dimension of life.

**important note:  please do not apply any 'weight' or assign any value to the commentary found in the video cited above. Thank you.**
01.19.14  Thank you, all of you, all across the globe for your support.

Regarding the alleged contact by a Romanian man with an alleged Sirian starship named "Anesh"  regarding the biosphere Xanterexx ["comet Ison"] - 

a.)  I doubt the validity of this contact & this account. Certainly if it was real - it was not with any recognized delegation of the Sirius A star system, a senior member of the Andromeda Council;

which provides the likelihood it was produced by a party possibly in contact with the Sirius B star system... and explains the video's perspective, its own story line, and certainly with an effort on its own self promotion... serving its own self interests.  Which it has a right to like anyone else... as long as it does not intend to harm others.   However;

b.) that this party inaccurately reported in its video that I did not provide any extensive details, that my own report lacked specific details about the biosphere Xanterexx ["comet Ison"] & its purpose coming to planet Earth;  that my report [other than identifying comet Ison as an extraterrestrial starship] is deficient because of an extensive lack of details, because of certain flaws in me & my own lack of spiritual development... that I embellish or fill in the gaps as I see fit... 

that they badly misquoted me, seemingly without doing thier own research, and did not include any cites or any of the extensive details found in my own video on this topic [now viewed by at least - 111,355 people - across the planet]:  "Tolec Speaks about Comet Ison - Xanterexx biosphere" -

is not only absurd, it is spurious & capricious, it is amateur & insulting to the most basic common sense thinking...  and human intellect.

It is at minimum a partial effort.  And worse, it lacks integrity and seeks to subvert, discredit & dismiss the extensive work effort & details provided by the noble, intelligent & dedicated  people who are executive, senior management members of the Andromeda Council... who continually give of their knowledge... to keep the people of Earth informed.

That the parties responsible for producing the 'Romanian' video would release a product that based on its production values - would seek to devalue others - in order to promote their own perspective & notoriety; 

that they would do so in this manner -  is  unconscionable.

Therefore, only deserves this one formal response from me.

You are all certainly welcome to your own assessment & opinion on this topic.   Absolutely.

Wodakote.  Peace, calm & serenity to you all across the globe during this amazing time of change.
ADDENDUM  re:  "Conservitusprime"
Please read this insightful & sensitive new letter to the Andromeda Council -

03.07.14.  "Dreamtime Return".   You can find it at:  Letters to Andromeda Council

Writer, thank you for your sensitivity & insight during these times of tumultuous & dynamic change.
Important -  Critical News Story

Update -  Global Financial Reset & U.S Currency Reset with a new - United States Treasury Reserve Dollar (TRN).  The events that were, "right around the corner", are now here.    Expect big changes.

March 31, 2014

The 'positive' reset of the global financial system [which includes a currency reset for the United States with a new U.S Dollar (TRN), hard asset backed by some gold, other precious minerals in the ground, as well as 'priceless' items, 'national treasures' held in the U.S] - that "Zap" has been speaking of - has come to fruition.  You can read the details about it at Kauilapele's site for March 31, 2014 "Office of Poofness" - "HAPPY" posting where - "ZAP SAYS":  "HI ALL. ON MARCH 28, THE TREASURY RESERVE NOTE (NEW US DOLLAR) WAS EFFECTED".

Further, for an amazingly accurate, highly detailed explanation of the major initiatives & components leading to and involved in this global reset - I also strongly suggest  you read:  "Message about the GCR, RV, Reset" 

The Importance of this "Critical News Story"

March 28, 2014

Many of you are asking me Tolec - 

why or how are the many articles on international banking, the change from the USD to the TRN [no longer under the control of the "Federal Reserve"], the rise of China as a global financial superpower, and the 'global financial reset' all relevant to... this planet's transformation into becoming a higher dimensional, 4D world?

The answer is detailed, but simple.  If you remember, during many of my earlier interviews - I spoke about a time period during the transformation of this world into becoming a higher dimensional one... where there would also be a transition period of about 10-12 years [based on how we measure time today] when we as a global society would transition from a world economic system based on money, oil & power, which we have today...  to new system whereby we as free sovereign Earth citizens, in a open, cooperative global society... where the remaining countries, regions & communities of people would willingly share energy, resources, goods, services & food... with no agenda except to help each other [in the old days known as "barter"]; 

Well, this step of "fiat", debt based, fractional reserve, 'paper' "money"  [which is not money at all - it is simply debt compounded, payable to the Federal Reserve.  Research, if you will, the legal definition of "note" which is found on a U.S dollar bill, it means "debt"] +  the "Federal Reserve"] - it  is  not -  part of the United States of America, "...government of the people, by the people & for the people";     

Well, this economic, financial, social & 'spiritual' evolution of fiat "money" going away is being demanded all across the globe, by good people in high levels of power, in a new balance of global power...  this evolution is a huge change.  It represents a change in consciousness.  It represents a change of awareness.  It represents a change in the balance of power.  It represents a change in tolerance.   As in, '...we will no longer tolerate... .'

It is a statement by a new growing majority, all across the globe, that we good people, we free sovereign citizens of Earth have had enough.  We have been controlled & manipulated long enough.  We have been abused enough. We are rightfully setting boundaries. We are taking our power back, and we are saying, with help & conviction, "... no more."  

We will no longer be controlled by the power & fear mongering, ruling Cabal [with Reptilians at the top of this power structure] who have had their way with us for far too many years.  No more.  

"We shall have a new birth of freedom". The future belongs to us.  And it starts now.

This global change to -  all -  asset based currencies in every country across the globe, including the U.S, with each currency backed by some gold & each country's national treasures ['priceless' artwork in its museums, sculptures, precious gems, etc.], - and - in combination with each country's combined natural resources [other precious metals & minerals in the ground including oil & natural gas, etc.];

this change is one of the major first initial steps... of the transition from a "money" based global economic system... to one completely based on the open sharing of resources, and;  

it is also one of the key 'social' consciousness issues in this process of change... of this world transforming from a 3D world... to a higher dimensional 4D world.  One of open sharing, cooperation & love.

March 27, 2014

The following article, "China currency liberalization to be a 'seismic event': Australia", is huge in that:  a.)  it is one of the first from a major global news media outlet [Reuters] that alludes to the coming change of the 'global reserve currency'... and the continued rise of China as a global financial superpower  b.)  the source quoted is the - ​Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Deputy Governor Philip Lowe.  To read, click here:

March 20, 2014

Cabal operatives at it again doing their best to remove threats [by killing young bankers who 'know' too much] from their crumbling, collapsing & failing empire. To wit, this latest March 19, 2104 article:  "Sudden Deaths of JPMorgan Workers Continue".  To read about this continuing very tragic story click here: 

March 18, 2014

It seems a critical mass of actions, the first agenda items now taking place in the international financial 'world', is 'setting the stage' for the actual reset of the global financial system, which includes the issuance of a new, United States of America - U.S Treasury issued dollar.  This new dollar will be 'backed by' gold & other of this country's precious assets & resources.   With this change the debt based "fiat" currency of the "Federal Reserve", a private agency outside of the U.S government, the Reserve itself, and all of the secrecy & problems that come with it, finally goes away.

My own 'high level sources', with minor nuances, continue to confirm the accuracy of what "Zap" is saying... and is consistent with what I have learned over the past few months.  You can find the web link for this update over at Kauilapele's  web site for March 17, 2014 titled: "Office of Poofness 3-17-14..."Smiling Eyes" - where it again says, "ZAP SAYS - HI ALL"

March 10, 2014

This is an amazing two part update of recent developments.

l.  My own personal 'high level' sources tell me that this event - with multiple agenda items -  the 'positive' reset of the global financial system - that "Zap" speaks of, is happening right now, and will continue to happen.   You can read the details about it at Kauilapele's site for March 9, 2014 "Office of Poofness" posting where - "ZAP SAYS:  HI ALL...".  Here is the link:

As a result of these stated changes, I suggest you keep your 'eyes & ears' open from multiple media outlets for some major, amazing public announcements to happen in the coming immediate days & weeks.  Expect great things to happen !

II.  Stephen Cook of Cosmic Vision News, & InLight Radio, who interviewed Tolec about the topic of 'Disclosure', does a really great job 'connecting the dots'... with the current events staged by the 'Cabal' which are playing out in the Ukraine right now.  He clearly answers the question of "why" this is happening.

He also provides in great detail toward the end of his article two (2) alternative scenarios that can unfold:  a.) an outcome where there is a global financial reset whereby most major currencies will in the near future be backed by gold ['positive' scenario] including a newly issued currency - US Treasury Dollar [USD] [no longer - "Federal Reserve"];  b.) a second scenario where the 'Cabal' leaders are able to keep the 44 year fiat system of 'currency' with Trillions of debt in place with the "Federal Reserve" intact... with a full fledged war breaking out between & involving Russia, the Ukraine... and others in that region ['negative' scenario].

March 3, 2014

Here is how the perceived threat of war (Russia & Ukraine) can make investors 'jumpy, manipulate financial markets... & thereby cause less desire for certain types of financial instruments... and greater desire & limited stabilization for another type, a government issued debt security.  I strongly suggest you read this article & what it implies:

February 22, 2014

Back on May 6, 2012 - Joe Marra of "A Guiding Lite" & I discussed the failing banking system.  [ to have a much deeper understanding regarding the extreme differences between 3D "time"...  and what 4D humans experience, please listen to this new Joe Marra conversation:  ]

Today, I fully expect a complete reset of the global financial system... is 'right around the corner'.

For many years the United States of America - was - the world's richest nation.  No longer.  Now, it is the world's largest debtor nation in the amount of trillions of dollars.  An authorization to "...raise the debt ceiling" - will fix nothing.

For years, the United States Dollar [USD], "Federal Reserve" debt paper, has been the international reserve currency against which all other currencies of the world were based.  All international oil buying/selling transactions were done in USD.  No longer.

The country of China for years was buying massive amounts of U.S Treasury [debt] paper.  Today it is selling off much of its holdings in U.S Treasuries.  Billions worth.  It also holds, and continues to buy, a substantial growing amount of physical gold [a precious metal] against which many currencies used to be based... which is likely to happen again in the very near future. 

And, there has been massive, global international bank fraud of top global banks for years.  [This information has made it to the mainstream media, is very much in the public domain.]  And right now, people in key strategic international banking positions are dying...  because of what they know.

This is all part of the overall process of massive change this planet is about to experience.

I believe this breaking news story is worthy of your interest - if you are seriously interested in what is going on with global banking today... and what is about to happen to the USD, and as a result, the U.S economy.  Massive changes are coming.  Massive.

The things these men discuss absolutely have relevance & will have a direct impact on your lives as 'the lid' blows off of this issue & things finally come to a 'head'.  note:  to save time I suggest you 'pick-up' this interview at the 10:00 min mark, and listen for about a half an hour.  It is revelatory:
February 23, 2014

This Tolec report is based on extensive explanations on the nature of "time" as shared by my Andromeda Council contacts regarding -

"time" itself, various possible timelines, how timelines are affected;   the current transition & changes happening to this planet right now, the triggering of events... as well as the coming 4D, higher dimensional, transformation of this world and its people.

You can learn about the various, important concepts in this Andromeda Council update at:
Please also read these news stories.  They are directly relevant to the above:

"A Closer Look at Young Worker Deaths at JP Morgan Chase"


"China Starts to Make a Power Move Against USD"
For those people who were not able to listen to this live Tolec conversation with Joe Marra of Universal Talk Radio on the PSN Network  -  

you can listen to the archive recording here at this  Andromeda Council -YouTube web link:

note :  again,  please understand, the original format of this show planned for Joe Marra dedicating & making available the last 45 minutes of the show for questions from 'chat room' guests  -  it was changed just before the show due to the very recent loss, earlier that day, of the co-host's [Stefany's] stepmom. We all appreciate your kindness & understanding regarding this difficult time for Stefany & her family.
Special Announcement
re:  Roundtable Panel Discussion
May 16, 2014 - 
Please enjoy the roundtable panel discussion radio show web-casted on Saturday evening,  July 5th2014 -moderated  by  Joe Marra  of  Universal Talk Radio"Special Report: A Higher Dimensional Perspective on Our Changing World".  

Panel guests include: 

Drunvalo Melchizedek, Brad Johnson, Kau'ila (KP) & Tolec. 

Click here for the YouTube web link for this program:
September 10, 2014 -

Assurance of Safety of Planet Earth - Regarding Pending Extreme Solar Flare
There was a news story, yesterday, July 15, 2014, picked up by a few media outlets stating that - NASA - yes NASA, held a panel discussion [Hhhhmmmmm] - "The Search for Life in the Universe" - at the agency's Washington headquarters on Monday [July 14, 2014] - where they talked about the search for Earth-like planets that host intelligent life.

"It's highly unlikely we're alone in the universe", NASA experts are saying, and "...we may be close to finding alien life.  In fact, it may happen in the next two decades.

Well, I'd venture to say they are going to learn about the reality of "alien life" a lot sooner than "two decades".   Here is the actual NASA YouTube posting.  Yes, NASA did a YouTube post of their public "panel discussion" presentation of NASA experts.  Enjoy.  note:  think they might be attempting to tell the 'public' something?:
July 16, 2014 -  
News Story
Tolec concurs & comments on David Wilcock’s 07.22.14 thoughts  re: Benjamin Fulford, the failing Cabal… & benevolent ET assistance.
To read this detailed, relevant & timely paper -  please click on the below link for this new web page:

Part II, the second part, of this paper is a contemporary, current, summary update originally provided by Nahiska, Head of Defense, of the Andromeda Council.
"The cause and effect will not be substantial or traumatic to planet Earth. The people of Sartsa, the Andromeda Council engineering biosphere which is the size of planet Venus, has placed itself between your planet Earth, and Sol, your sun. Using its advanced, convex shaped, higher dimensional energy shield technology it will protect planet Earth by reflecting the heavy energy/solar flare outward into space. 

This extreme solar flare will not have a substantial effect on Earth's magnetic fields which will hold their current position.

It is likely small amounts of disruptions may be experienced by those satellites in orbit on the side of Earth facing the sun. And therefore, it is not likely there will be any cause & effect, or disruptions, for those satellites placed in stationary orbit on the back side of the Earth not facing your Sun.

Further, the ozone layers will remain intact, the ocean currents will be fine, and there will be minimal damage, if any at all, to Earth’s surface. Therefore, Earth’s population will not be harmed by your sun's energy surges of radiation because our shields will protect your planet & reflect the surges outward.

All in all, Earth will be fine.”

This report was provided to me, Tolec, by - 

Andramene, Chairwoman of the Interdimensional Telepathy & Communications Advisory Board - aboard the Andromeda Council biosphere:  Viera.
Please find below & enjoy the archive of this incredible second roundtable panel discussion radio show web-casted on Saturday evening, October 4th, 2014 - moderated by Joe Marra of Universal Talk Radio:

"The GeoSocial, Societal, Economic, Political & Spiritual Impact of Open ET Contact".

Panel guests included:  Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Simon Parkes, Alfred Webre, Jim Dilettoso & Tolec.

You can find the web link for the complete YouTube archive of this roundtable discussion at:
October 5, 2014 -

The second in a series of panel discussions.
November 2, 2014 -

The third in a series of panel discussions.
Please find & enjoy the archive recording of a new roundtable panel discussion which was held Saturday evening, November 1st, 2014 &  moderated  by  Joe Marra  of  Universal Talk Radio on the PSN Radio network:

"Our World in Transition:  A Time of Dramatic Change".  

It was in fact a dynamic, insightful & enlightening conversation among all of us.  Panel guests included: 

Mark Kimmel, Jim Nichols, Dan Brock & Tolec.

You can find its YouTube archive at this web link:
November 23, 2014 

Comet 67P - Analysis & Commentary
You can find the archive recording of this analysis, commentary & more of 'Comet' 67P at this YouTube web link:

This session includes guests: 

Tolec, Kau'ila (KP), Joe Marra & Brad Johnson.

note:  Kau'la (KP) has kindly provided a cleaned-up version with the volume level for Tolec's voice increased... so now you can hear it.  Here is the .mp3  link for this improved version:
Please enjoy the YouTube archive recording of the November 3, 2014, monthly, Monday night UFO Paranormal & More - Raymond Kosulandich meeting with Alfred Webre, Tolec and Raymond discussing a variety of current topics affecting dramatic changes in our world today.  You can find it at this YouTube web address:     [version without music intro]

For those of you who don't know of him - Raymond Kosulandich has had contact & interaction with 32 various races of beings over the course of his life, and has continual contact today with 4 races whom he calls his "Fab 4".
November 3, 2014 -

UFO Paranormal & More.
November 23, 2014 

A concise special report regarding:
Comet 67P - The Facts
You can find this special report on the web at this YouTube web link:
December 19, 2014 

"Rapid Pole Shift Evidence"

Given some of the specific information I/Tolec, via my contacts with the Andromeda Council, have been revealing since 2011 - you may want to begin paying closer attention to this information:
January 15, 2015 

Arcturus based craft  recorded  in  close proximity  to  Earth space. 

The 'delta' shaped space craft recorded in space as flying in somewhat close proximity to the International Space Station [regardless of the alleged specific image & when it was released;

I first saw a craft very similar to this delta shaped one back in the summer of 1996], and I describe it in great detail, below, as the following:

a.)  it is from the star system:  Arcturus, the most senior member of the Andromeda Council. 

b.) their craft comes from their senior representative home world:  Pitolla.  

c.)  their craft is delta shaped; if you were to see it from a top down view as I/Tolec have -  you would see a round/cone shaped/radius edge nose, a long sweeping body with two (2) upright 'tail fins' toward the far back of the craft, one not quite flush to the far left side & another one not quite flush on the far right side; you would also see a bold, dark stripe running from the front to the back on each side almost the full length of the craft, both left & right sides, toward the inside of each fin;  you would also see their emblem  [what we might call something akin to an 'ace of spades', see my crude drawing below, please excuse it, I'm not an artist]  next to each tail fin.

d.) there are  total of three (3) races of people from the planet Pitolla each living at a different vibratory/density rate: 5D, 10D & 12D 

e.)  the race of people from Pitolla who have manifested this craft are the:  Diesliesetiplex  [pronounced: Die-slie-seti-plex];  the Dieliesetiplex are: 12D people.  

As 12D beings - as you can imagine, so much closer to 'Creation'/'Source' - which means these beings vibrate at an incredibly high rate & have a very unique composition of sacred geometry in their vibratory make up, and therefore it will be very easy for them to help Earth people with their transformation & evolution into becoming higher density/dimensional humans. The Dieliesetiplex will step in to help in the education process only once people from the first four (4) Andromeda Council member planets [Ventra, Nikotae, Toleka & Ritol] have had some considerable physical contact visiting & educating the people of Earth [see: "Contact"].   

These 12D beings, the Diesliesetiplex, will be an important part of the long term evolution & teaching process as Earth people become higher dimensional humans and begin to adjust to their new skills of telepathy, teleportation, telekenisis, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience… all higher dimensional human traits.

f.) the size these beings feel comfortable manifesting/creating, when they need to manifest/create a 'human' form, based on their natural energetic vibratory rate is for men12 feet tall & for women 10 feet tall; their skin color you would perceive as: pale white translucent, hair color as: mostly white with streaks of gold, eye color:  bright sea/ocean blue.

g.) the Diesliesetiplex people are very gentle, highly evolved, highly intelligent sentient beings who manifest/create 3D organic bodies to communicate with people of 3D worlds and simply return to their original energy forms when their 3D bodies are no longer needed.  Think of one of the last scenes in the 2009 major motion picture/movie "The Knowing" just before the higher 'dimensional' 'ETs' entered their crystalline craft with the 2 Earth children accompanying them to be transported another 3D earth like world.  Just before departure these higher dimensional 'ETs' shed their temporary organic bodies & lifted the children into their craft.  Same situation here:  think temporary organic bodies.

h.) the formal name of their native language is: Nxataexeratae [pronounced: Zahtae-zeratae]  [the “N” is silent]

In closing, their 'mission' is simply:  to be seen;

the Andromeda Council is progressively giving permission to certain Andromeda Council members so that various sizes & shapes of ships can be witnessed by the people of Earth.  It makes sense that the people of Arcturus, as 'the' senior most member of the Council, would be one of the first to be 'seen'. 

It is also another way to send a 'message' to the 'Breakaway Civilization'/'Powers that Be/Were'/power mongering, manipulative, abusive - elitists - on Earth, and off planet as well - 

that Earth people are truly not alone, and that assigned Andromeda Council ships will no longer to be invisible to the people of Earth.   A  time  of  great  change  is
upon  us.

This information was also provided to me/Tolec in tandem by: Andromene, the Chairwoman of the Interdimensional Telepathy & Communication - Observation & Advisory Board, and the Commander of the Primary Andromeda Council biosphere.
January 16, 2015 

Specific details regarding dwarf 'planet' Ceres. 

This alleged dwarf planet Ceres (pronouncedSeries) is really a manufactured "biosphere".

Ceres has an elliptical orbit in the asteroid belt between Mars & Jupiter. 

And, yes, there is 3D life 'on' this biosphere. They are known as the  Paxaltaleka (pronounced:  Paxahl-ta-leka). These people live on the interior of the planet, one might say 'underground' in large & small cities. They wish to live this way to keep the surface of the planet pristine.

They live in complete peace, a simple, agrarian society, by choice... approximately 50,000 years ahead of Earth people in all aspects of their lives including a 'masters' level of awareness & knowledge of "spirit" based, aka, literal "spiritual" life.  They are very warm & loving, willing to share all they know of life with people of other worlds.  They have never known or experienced "war", never.

There are also 4D people Thaxalplata (pronouncedThaxahl-pla-tah) and 5D people Xanxalakal  (pronouncedZaxa-la-kahl). These 4th & 5th dimension people live on the surface.

For the 3D humanoid dwellers who live underground in cities inside this biosphere, they have synthetic, crystalized lighting which very much mimics sun light which they use to grow vegetables to eat. These people are completely vegetarian. Their internal energy source, something much like a “sun”, in the core of this biosphere disperses & distributes its energy throughout and around the planet giving it a warm atmosphere & temperate climate.  It's temperatures range in the mid-70s to low 80s (F).

And therefore, these 3D people do come to play on the surface of the 'planet' where they have many natural parks & huge fresh water oceans, both on the surface as well as all throughout below the planet surface. The water is crystal clear and dark blue in color.

These people are very pale in skin coloring, their hair is fiery red color, their eyes are pale yellowish/green with yellow flecks in it.  Their ears are 'bobbed'/pointed much like fictional "Vulcans" from "Star Trek".  Because they are vegetarians they are 'light weight' in terms of density, and their height ranges from 3' tall to 7' tall.  Their clothes are formed by wearing various large leaves of the plants they grow on the interior of their planet, though they do not need to be sown, these plants simply weave together. The men wear mid-length garments similar to Roman or Greek "togas" & the women wear long flowing dresses down to their ankles.    

This biosphere has a breathable atmosphere with also a very fine particle 'mist', with an electromagnetic force field, that surrounds and protects this red, Sedona like, planet which looks this way due to the high concentration of iron oxide in its makeup.

This information was provided via telepathy & imagery to me/Tolec in tandem by: Andromene, the Chairwoman of the Interdimensional Telepathy & Communication - Observation & Advisory Board, and the Commander of the Primary Andromeda Council biosphere.
January 20, 2015 

Archived conversation from Saturday evening, January 17, 2015 between - Julien Wells, Raymond Kosulandich, me/Tolec and Sherry Wilde. 

We ​discuss a wide variety of topics including healing of emotional self, some baseline methods for beginning "spiritual" awareness &/or ET contact, how contact happened with our ET & higher dimensional sources for each of us, as well as some additional current issues being discovered [ie. the dwarf 'planet' Ceres, see article details below] in space at this moment in our planet's history.  Enjoy.

To the right is the symbol of the Diesliesetiplex people from the planet Pitolla.

Ceres image  to the right courtesy of NASA
January 24, 2015 

An Artic ice cap's shockingly rapid slide into the sea.

Given the incredible measurement of the dramatic loss of ice - in terms of a multiple 'stories high building' -  you may want to read this article.  At minimum, it confirms the rapid continued warming of this planet of which many people discuss as "earth changes."
February 14, 2015

"Weird Sub-Neptunes & Super-Earths 
Pop Up in Kepler's Planet Search"

'Thought you might enjoy hearing, watching & reading about this recent scientific discovery.  It is yet another in a series  of  deep  space  discoveries  that  indicates  the existence of solar systems with planets likely with attributes very similar to planet Earth: ​
February 25, 2015

Announcement.   An in depth analysis of the movie - "Interstellar"

Dan Brock & I/Tolec do an in-depth review, analysis & provide commentary and insight into some of the more profound, salient & poignant moments of this thought provoking movie.   We hope you enjoy our discussion & that it will stimulate more questions in your minds. 

** note:  the below YouTube channel link is to the finalized,  audio balanced & corrected version of this video.
March 8, 2015

Announcement.   Should you be interested - 

Please enjoy this new archived conversation with Ray Kosulandich, Tolec and Chris & Sherre Geo of TruthFrequency Radio which took place this past Friday evening, March 6th, 2015.  I believe it will be insightful for many reasons.
​March 24, 2015

Announcement.   Part II - In depth Analysis of the second half of the movie:  Interstellar.

This session between Dan Brock & Tolec is the second, a Part II, an in depth analysis & discussion about the second half of the recent hit movie:  Interstellar.  We believe you will find, much like we did, fascinating, profound & insightful moments in this movie that can teach us more about the human race, our evolution... and the role that love plays in it. Enjoy.
April 19, 2015


The Wingmakers [re: the "Annunaki, Sirians & Serpents [Draco Reptilians]" - as the earliest Earth human geneticists]), 'Blue Avians', "GoodETxSG/Corey", "The Sphere Alliance",  its relationship with "Solar Warden" -

and more, are all discussed, in great detail, between Tolec and Adona, a very gifted, long time contactee, and one who is a long time contributor to Ann Ulrich Miller's - Star Beacon metaphysical newsletter. This conversation is loaded with detailed facts.  We hope you will find this session informative & enlightening.
May 2, 2015


Thank you for your many follow up questions to the April 16, 2015 conversation between Adona & Tolec.  The purpose of reviewing key parts of "Wingmakers" information -

regarding the "Annunaki", "Sirians" [People from Sirius B star system] & "Serpents" [Draco Reptilians] as the earliest Earth human geneticists; what happened to the earliest "Atlanteans"; the concepts of a Creator & the human soul, and;

addressing the information being provided by recent whistleblower  -"GoodETxSG/Corey", inclusive of the above topics, as well as examining the concept of: "The Sphere Alliance" & other current, relevant topics he is currently addressing -

was to discover & to point out, if there were any, similarities, congruencies & alignment of material, which there were. 

It also revealed consistency of information provided by others, recently, and going back to 1000s of years of Earth history, the stories written on pyramid walls in Egypt, India, Central America & all across the globe - real evidence of ancient astronauts, from a variety of races of beings across the cosmos... visiting this world.

That although the words may not always be exactly the same, the concepts are very, very similar; and many times great amounts of evidence, alignment of information among people who are not necessarily communicating with each other...  do in fact align.

Which all simply reinforces the notion that We Are Not Alone in the cosmos, in the vast expanse of multiple star systems, galaxies, universes, densities & dimensions of life.  As part of our own evolution on this planet, someday, we will come to truly understand this.


Ultimately, it is up to each one of you to choose to open your heart, mind & soul... to continue to ask intelligent questions... to do the research &/or internal reflection you feel is necessary. 

I suggest you open & lead with your heart, your internal intuition... and verify as much information as possible with your mind & soul.  Take it into the deepest parts of you... and use your discernment.  Be at peace with your decisions.

Spend as much time in nature as possible.   Albert Einstein  once said, "...look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."  

Henry David Thoreau said, "...I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.

John Muir, naturalist photographer, said, "...I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in."

I can tell you based on the various places I have lived throughout my life, you can find a piece of quiet nature somewhere close to where you live.  Even people in New York City, one of the busiest cities in the world, have "Central Park".

As you can see, these suggestions & concepts are not solely mine and those of other well noted people, but ones also embraced by many ancient, native peoples on this planet, including the Lakota.

Oglala Lakota Chief, Luther Standing Bear, who lived from 1868 - 1939, once said, 

"...From Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit, there came a great unifying life force that flowed in and through all things -- the flowers of the plains, blowing winds, rocks, trees, birds, animals -- and was the same force that had been breathed into the first man.  Thus all things were kindred, and were brought together by the same Great Mystery."

Based on my own experiences, being out in nature absolutely helps me to slow down, to quiet my mind, to resynch the natural rhythm of my body, and be in touch with the 'deepest' higher aspects of me.

You have free will choice.  The decision to lead with your heart, to go out into nature, or not, is totally yours.

I also believe, in the process of engaging the totality of you, in any search, that you will find the answers & internal peace that you seek regarding any matter, any situation.  Balance, time & patience to allow this process to complete itself, I believe will prove true.

Also know - that each of you is a glorious, virtually eternal, light filled energy being who is far greater than the organic, 'avatar', human body you animate & occupy in this lifetime... or any others you have had.

That although we are each unique, individual expressions of the vast diversity of species on this planet, We Are [also] One, part of the infinite, collective expression & expanse of life existing throughout the cosmos. 

We are in fact made of the same energetic life force as the Creator/Creation and the same qualities & elements that make up the planets & stars.   We are life expressed in organic Earth human form with all of its natural gifts, strengths & weaknesses lessons/challenges, hurts/disappointments, wonderments, celebrations & dreams.


I believe we are blessed to be here at this time in Earth's history, a 'snap shot', a slice of 'time' in the evolutionary process of this solar system, this planet & her people. 

As we continue to watch & experience the collapse of the old;  the growing awareness & increasing freedom of the hearts, minds & souls of the citizens of this world;  know that change is here.  This much is certain.
May 17, 2015

I have one word to describe what is happening right now:  "confirmation".    

I have observed & viewed many literal "words", and events, over this past week that tell me we on this planet are about to begin a period of a vast number...  of continuous... major earth change events;

​If you at minimum simply investigate the great number of high magnitude earthquakes happening, and volcanoes popping off, all across the globe... I believe you will come to recognize a growing trend of massive changes.  I suggest you simply do the research yourself to discover what I am talking about.  Until next time......
May 17, 2015


A 'last minute' conversation was discussed, arranged & recorded between Mark Snider of Ohio Exopolitics, , and Tolec, this Sunday evening, May 17, 2015.  We covered many current relevant topics like the nature of the human soul, earth changes & the higher density/dimensional shift of this beautiful planet. You can listen to this original recording at this web address:

And, here is the TolecfromDakote -  YouTube channel web link for our conversation:
May 24, 2015


In the early part of May 2011 when I produced, launched this web site and it went 'live' -  I [Tolec] specifically wrote about the reality of coming "earth changes", including a great number of earthquakes & volcanoes going off, whereby this planet would go through a period of transition.  This information is still here on the left hand side of this page.  Just as important -

there seems to be a lot of evidence right now that indicates this may be in fact the period of transition, of increasing earth changes, which will be the prelude, ultimately, to the higher density/dimension transformational shift of this world.

If you check the USGS web site, which I have referenced a few times over the years -

and go to the upper right hand corner where there is an icon that looks like a bicycle gear, click on it, and choose the setting below it for - "7 days, All Magnitudes Worldwide", take a good look at it.  You will see how many earthquakes have happened... in just 7 days.  Then choose the setting for - "30 days Magnitude 2.5+ Worldwide", take a look at the results of this graphic of global earthquake activity.  Does this look 'normal' to you ? 

Now, I can assure you, what you are looking at today, in terms of the numbers of both volcanic & tectonic earthquakes, is unprecedented, especially in the "Pacific Ring of Fire" region.  These results are today, in terms of pure numbers, at least 6 to 7 times more that what I saw on these same USGS 'charts'...  back in May 2011, or even the summer of 2012. 

What I am citing now not only includes the extreme activity in the past week, but also goes back to include the Nepal earthquakes of April 25th & May 13th, 2015, just one month and ten days ago respectively; it also includes the volcano popping off in Calbuco, Chile, twice on April 24th & again on April 30th.  In addition, during this time, a lava 'lake' at the Halema'uma'u Crater in Hawaii... it has risen and overflowed to levels not seen in years.

Moreover, my own Andromeda Council contact people have shown me that there continues to be an ever increasing amount of magma flowing, moving, under the crust of the Earth.

I want you to know & understand - I am not trying to be alarmist or spread "fear porn", as some people call it, in providing this information.  It is my intention that this information... is insight, insight as to what is happening with our planet, today.  

Further, I clearly 'get' that global earth change events, much like the ones that directly affected the lives of all those 1,000s of people who have suffered, and died, as a result of those 2 earthquakes in Nepal can attest to... these kind of events are to be taken very, very seriously.

Also, just as an observation, isn't it strange that the major motion picture, movie, "San Andreas", that its official release date is scheduled for May 29th, 2015, just a few days from now.  A movie whose premise is that a series of collective minor & major earthquakes are triggered in the State of California right along the San Andreas fault line... and what would likely happen as a result.  This would definitely be a 'global earth change', life changing, event.

In closing - I am providing this information as a way to point out what seems to be a progressive, growing, overall trend that things with this planet are not...  and will continue to be in the foreseeable future...  not 'business as usual'.  I believe we are in a long term period of transition... of planetary earth changes.  

Me sharing this information in a focused manner, you knowing about it & what it can mean for so many people, it's just one way of keeping you informed, hopefully enlightened.  I know there are other sources as well.  So, as always, I suggest you do your own research and discover what 'rings' true for you.

As I'm known to say many times [when asked] about any final thoughts, that I may have for people listening, at the end of any interview or recorded conversation I've had with various panel members:  "...enjoy your time here, the things you most enjoy doing... spend quality time with those people, family & friends, whom you most care about, love each other... be kind to one another... do simple acts of kindness for people just because it's the right thing to do.

For organic human life on this one beautiful planet...  is very fragile and often times relatively short.  Really appreciate it and give sincere thanks to the Creator for your life here.   I assure you, it likely has many gifts we rarely consider.

Mitakuye Oyasin, all my relations.  Remember, we are all one.

Wodakote.   Peace to you all.
June 2, 2015


​A new three way conversation was held between 'JP', Jay Perron, of Wolf Spirit Radio's"Ever Beyond",  Mark Kimmel of Cosmic Paradigm, and me, Tolec, on Sunday, May 31, 2015. We discussed different people of the "Pleiades" coming to Earth, and many other topics including the journey to, living & enjoying a calm, loving, relaxed... higher frequency life.

You can now listen to the YouTube archived recording of that conversation at:

A new focused discussion was held with Mark Snider of Ohio Exopolitics Radio, Tolec and Mark's call-in guests, Thursday evening, May 28, 2015.  Discussed in detail was the Earth's inner core, planet wide earth changes... and some amazing personal ET contact stories by people calling in.  Here is the original link to the show, enjoy: 

​And here is the TolecfromDakote / Andromeda Council - YouTube channel archive link for this conversation:
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June 8, 2015


The YouTube archive recording of the panel discussion held with host Maarten Horst of Finding Voices Radio from the Netherlands on Saturday, June 6, 2015  with panel guests:

Dr. Joe Marra of Guiding Lite Radio, Dan Brock who collaborated with me on the analysis of the movie "Interstellar", and me/Tolec - 

can be found at:

June 15, 2015

An Era of Increasing Knowledge for the People of Planet Earth.   A Major Update.

Almost four (4) years ago, on August 30, 2011, I/Tolec had my first formal interview with Alfred Webre.  In it I revealed that on going war in outer space between good higher density/dimensional forces of the Andromeda Council, lead by the people of planet Kaena of the Procyon star system, had finally won the war and defeated the Draco & Hydra Reptilians and their strategic partners/allies, Orion 'Greys'.  

Over the coming months and into the next year, 2012, I also accurately reported, days ahead of time in each instance, the finding and successful clearing out &/or destruction of no less than six (6) of the fifteen (15Draco [as revealed in this movie short "Closer"]

& Hydra Reptilian undersea operated bases... which also included the deep underground, lattice network of tunnels connected to - an underground base - located far northwest of Richmond, Virginia, which was also directly due west of Washington, D.C.  This was the first actual base to be hit.  And the job was done with deep resonant, highly compressed, sonic blasts, resulting in the August 23, 2011 "earthquake", literally collapsing all of the connecting tunnels as well as the actual underground base.

Interestingly enough, the last major base to be hit was also in the area of Washington D.C.  This one was off of the coast, undersea, out in the Atlantic Ocean... which would be considered directly off the the Eastern seaboard of the United States, directly due east of Washington D.C.  [You can click on this map & it will take you to a larger version, complete with a list of all 15 shuttered or destroyed Reptilian operated undersea base locations around the globe.]

In an extensive, highly detailed, original interview with Tim Bravo of Extraordinary Year on April 6, 2012 -


this interview with Mark Snider of Ohio Exopolitics on March 26, 2012  -

I revealed the large scale operation of this undersea base including the discovery of a total overall 10,000+ Draco & Hydra Reptilian beings which included: 2,000 of the highest ranking Reptilian -  Military Officers, and more, stationed on planet Earth, at that time.  Most were Generals & Colonels. Of these Reptilian Military Officers included was a 5 star and 2 star Reptilian General.

They also discovered 3,000 high ranking "Cabal" and "Illuminati" - Officials, some who were Reptilian & off planet human blended hybrids.  The remaining Reptilians, those in operations positions, administrators and engineers, they were there as support staff.  There was a large scale battle that lasted for days.  Many Reptilians died.

Out of the total 10,000+ Reptilians - 2,000 remaining of the highest ranking Military Officers Officials were captured and sent to the primary Andromeda Council biosphere in April 2012 when they were tried, convicted and sentenced for "Crimes Against Humanity" in a Universal war crimes tribunal.

The people of Procyon also captured  50 of the highest ranking Cabal and Illuminati Officialsat that time, dictating orders to the human power structure, 'powers that be' - the human ruling 'elite', here on planet Earth. 

These above facts result in my long time statement about why I said even back then in August 2011, this war was, for the most part, over.  In the year 2012 we saw the destruction of the last  5 Reptilian undersea bases... out of a total 15... located on planet Earth.

The following years to these above events, including the destruction of the final undersea Reptilian base, in the Atlantic Ocean, off of the coast of Washington D.C - 

have comprised a clean-up effort, and the 'slow death' of the [truly, Draco Reptilian - lead] "Cabal" [with the metaphoric 'head of the snake' being killed], the clearing out, shuttering & sealing, and/or destruction of all of their Reptilian bases; 

and their now leaderless 'lieutenants', the human families of the "Illuminati", who have mercilessly dominated, controlled & manipulated the humans of this planet for centuries... including the many wars they have started & perpetuated. 

If it seems as if there is now a rapid 'unraveling' of the malevolent power structure, and seemingly unexplainable changes, across this planet, in almost every segment of life... the above explanation is the reason. 

It, this evil power structure, is truly leaderless and has been so since late March 2012.  And it has since then encompassed much in-fighting, many struggles between various factions over the large gap in power and control. Further, to my knowledge, only about 70 pure Reptilians remain on, rather most are literally underground, planet Earth.  The other 100+ are Reptilian/human hybrids.

Many recent whistleblowers include Canadian Minister of Defense - Paul Hellyer, a retired, very high level government official who openly acknowledges people from "Andromeda" as well as others from various star systems;  

U.K Labour Councillor Simon Parkes who speaks at length about his own early upbringing, his choice to deny direct family connections to 'Illuminati' ways of life, and his personal claim that his Earth human form is animated by 3 different 'slices' of soul/spirit essence: Human, Mantid and Draco Reptilian...  his is an amazing story;  

also included is the recent MILAB & Secret Space Program - "GoodETxSG/Corey", coming forward over the past few months & corroborating some of the same information I have provided, including his higher dimensional "Blue Avian" [the 'Annuans'] contact people, and their role in the strategic alliance of 'sphere beings', which the Ambassadors & Diplomats of the Andromeda Council [who comprise 50% of this sphere alliance] they call it the: "Galactic Council"... which includes all 12 Andromeda Council biospheres of which I have spoken about for years, including the many meetings which I have attended, and still attend, on these very same bio-spheres.

You can click here to read a complete document of the composition & purpose of each of the 12 Andromeda Council biospheres -                                                        -  which today comprise a very powerful electronic force field, a defense perimeter around this solar system & this planet.

Fortunately, all of this information, for your absorption & discernment, is triggering a greater positive awakening in many people on this planet.  For many are finally appreciating, to quote my long time friend, Command Sgt. Major Robert O. Dean, the fact that, "...we are not alone, have never been alone... on this tiny beautiful little planet in the far distant corner of the Universe."

​And, we are coming upon a transformative moment in the history of this planet & her people where we shall thrive like never before - 

as sovereign, free, illuminated souls of extraordinary light & beauty... born of the same elements as the Creator & Creation... and all of the stars we see in our night skies.  This is our heritage and this is our destiny.
June 19, 2015


An Incredible Journey with Mark Kimmel and Tolec.

Mark Kimmel and Tolec discuss in great detail - various types of beings Mark has communicated with in our Universe including his knowledge of millions of “non-physical’s”;  planet Earth as a higher dimensional 12D world when she was first birthed as the “Jewel of the Universe”, how & why it became a 3D, dense, organic world;  the topic of who we are in terms of physical beings as well as literal, truly "spirit" based beings, why we are here at this time in Earth's history... for exactly what purpose, and what people can do for themselves - if they so choose to - to assist humanity to raise it to a new level of consciousness and more.

We also discuss exactly what "love" is, in terms of energy, its use and literally why - the energy of love is - "the most powerful force in the universe."  Please keep in mind during our conversation on this topic we go well beyond the - emotional understanding - we have of love as humans. Here we discuss the actual energetic force that love has in its role in the literal process of creation. 

The above are all in-depth topics, and more, which Mark Kimmel addresses in his new book called: "Chrysalis".  You can learn about Mark Kimmel at:   or

This is, in total, a very insightful and powerful brand new conversation.   Enjoy.   Below is the YouTube link: